Account Optimisation Launchpad

The sections below are a handy guide to some of the clever features of the SuperControl system, that can be used to save you time, reduce admin work, and make you more money. 

Don't feel overwhelmed by this list- you can set up some or  all of these things, at your leisure. With each new feature that you set-up and start to use, you will be using your account better and smarter, saving yourself time in the process, that you can then use instead to focus on the things that really matter to you.

 Let the SuperControl system and its integrated partners take the stress out of managing changeovers, communicating with guests, marketing your properties more widely, and ensuring that they are always optimally priced.

Optimising your Guest Booking Journey

  • Automated emails to make your life easier- 

Automating your Email Templates make it easier to manage your guest communication. You can use automated emails to automatically send your guests arrival instructions, reminders to pay their balance, a thank-you message, or almost anything else they might need to know, at a point before arrival or after departure determined by you, or only when a criteria is met (such as if their balance remains unpaid past its due date).  You can  even send an email automatically only to bookings that have selected a particular booking extra, such as a dog guide only to those who have chosen to bring a dog?

The possibilities are endless, unlike your time- so why not start to use automated emails to make admin easier, and keep your guests well informed? 

Click HERE for Written Instructions on Automating emails, or watch our Webinar Presentation below!

  • Use Custom fields to automatically add property-specific information such as Key Codes, to email templates- 

If you have property-specific information that you would like to include in an email template, such as keycodes, parking space allocation or WIFI password, then you don't need to create a version of that email template for each individual property. You can simply create a single template, then use the 'Custom Property Fields' feature to create a custom tag, to pull through that property-specific information into the email. Learn how to do this HERE!

  • Set-up your Address Book- Setting-up the Address book allows you to add contacts, who can then be easily copied into any automated emails as required. Learn how to do this HERE!
  • Set-up the Guest Login- 

SuperControl Guest Login enables guests to manage their bookings themselves. If they want to add any options or extras, enter in guest names or pay an outstanding balance, they can do this from their own login area. They can also view their previous bookings.

Within the Guest Login, you can enter custom pages to provide more information about your business. The good news is that it’s very easy to set up.

Click HERE to Get Started with the Guest Login!

  • UpFront Reviews: collecting and displaying real guest reviews, made simple 

UpFront Reviews are verified (only genuine guests can submit them, removing the risk of fake reviews) and automated (once set up, review requests are sent automatically). It is a free service available exclusively to properties that use SuperControl online booking system.

UpFront Reviews enables you to receive valuable feedback about your accommodation, and visitors can view reviews before they book, which helps them decide where to stay. You can also put a widget on your website, so potential guests can see all the features of the property previous guests loved. 

UpFront Reviews is easy to set-up. The person who placed the booking is invited by email automatically to submit a review. A reminder is sent if they do not respond within 7 days of the initial request. The review once submitted goes live automatically in 48 hours. If required, the review can also be flagged for manual review by our team, to ensure only fir and accurate reviews are displayed.

Click HERE to get started with UpFront Reviews!

Optimise your Marketing-

  • Strategic use of Discounts and Voucher Codes-

Vouchers are the perfect way to create discounts unique for a specific group of previous and/or potential guests. Vouchers codes can be issued to a guest prior to booking, which they can use to claim the specified discount (a percentage or fixed amount) off their stay during the booking process.

They can be used strategically (in a thank-you message for example, or on a take-home card in the property), to encourage guests to book again in order to get a discount on their next stay. This is a great way to get  guests who booked originally through third parties to make their next booking a direct one!

Learn more about Voucher Codes by clicking HERE!

Yo can also set-up automatic discounts (i.e. Late Availability, Early Bird discounts etc.) as well, which could then be promoted in an email or social media campaign to increase interest- guests love to feel they are getting a deal! Click HERE to find out more about these!

  • Set-up Third Party (OTA) Listings, to maximise exposure of your properties, and generate additional bookings- 

Every owner loves a direct booking, and we at SuperControl are committed to helping you achieve more direct bookings. 

The self-catering accommodation sector is however a highly competitive market, where the on-line travel agents (OTAs) are increasingly prominent and therefore an essential part of your marketing mix.  Channel bookings in SuperControl have grown by an average of 44% year-on-year over the last three years. A quarter of all bookings taken in SuperControl now come through OTAs. Each day our channel manager calculates more than 734 million prices to send live to OTA listings. 

Channels are not something to be scared of. used correctly, they are a valuable tool to increase the visibility of your properties, and branch out into new markets. 

There are broadly three types of Channel that you can integrate with through SuperControl-

  • The International Channels- such as Airbnb,, VRBO/HomeAway and TripAdvisor. 
  • UK based and Regional Channels- these include, Premier Cottages, VisitScotland, and SimpleView (which powers a great many region-specific platforms). 
  • The Niche/Specialist Channels- we integrate with a number of channels that cater to a specific type of guest or specific market. These include Camping/Glamping sites, Family-friendly travel sites, Group booking specialists and many more. 

Why not take a look at our Channel Manager Articles, by clicking HERE, to see how listing on channels might help to bring more bookings, and open up your property to new markets.

Optimise your day-to day processes-

  • Set-up the Housekeeper Login, to make managing Changeovers a breeze- 

If you have regular or occasional housekeepers/cleaners, it is a good idea to provide a login to the Housekeeper login area. When the housekeeper logs in, they can see arrival times to help them prepare for guests, and run off arrival/departure reports. You can also control how much or how little of the guest information they are able to see.

Click Here to get started with the Housekeeper Login!

  • Set-up reminders to assist with managing day to day tasks-

You can set up reminders (e.g. gas safety certificate renewals, key access code changes etc.) for your properties in SuperControl. Click HERE to find out more!

Optimise your Pricing-

  • Consider the benefits of using Beyond Pricing, to maximise revenue on each and every booking-

Beyond Pricing uses the same technology employed by airlines and hotels to automatically set rates in SuperControl using local supply and demand data. Property managers can thereby maximise revenue for their existing property portfolio, increasing booking revenue 10-40% year-on-year with the same inventory.

Using localised market data Beyond Pricing provides detailed insights for every price recommendation. You'll know why prices are going up or down on any day of the year.

Beyond Pricing creates 365 days of pricing, and automatically pushes those rates into SuperControl every day. You always have a year of optimised rates on a rolling basis, so you don't have to manually create rates and your OTA ranking also improves. You still keep control by setting the parameters and retain the ability to override rates. As demand changes, they will apply their sophisticated revenue management and dynamic data models to your listings so you never miss a revenue opportunity.

Moreover, with Beyond Pricing, you will save yourself the time and hassle of inputting your prices every year- the tool does this for you, leaving you more time to focus on other aspects of your business.

Click HERE to Learn More, and read real case studies of how Beyond Pricing has benefitted other SuperControllers!