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Maintenance : What is cross-updating?

Cross-Updating must be requested directly from:

The Support team will ask you for the relevant information and set-up these links. This is a chargeable service.

If you are using cross-updating to create a 'Virtual' property, as detailed below, you may also need to request that an additional license is added to your account. The cost of this will be invoiced to you in due course.

A. Using Cross Updating to create Grouped Properties

If you have multiple properties you may either let them out individually or wish to group them so they display as one property on your website. 

For example: Property 1 sleeps 4, next door you also have Property 2 which sleeps 6. Each of these properties can be let individually but you may wish to add an extra licence in SuperControl and call it Property 3. This would be a "virtual" property where it is a combination of properties 1 & 2. So Property 3, would sleep 10. See below for a diagram.

Doing this allows you to display in searches for guests looking for a group booking that sleeps up to 10. It will only benefit you if your properties are within close proximity to one another or is one large property that can be let as individual units.

What SuperControl can do

If you decide to add an additional licence to create a virtual property, then please inform our support team (, they will quote you how much it will cost and schedule a time to set it up for you.

If a guest books Property 1, it will block availability for Property 3 automatically.

If a guest books Property 2, it will block availability for Property 3 automatically.

If a guest books Property 3, it will block availability for Property 1 and Property 2 automatically.

B. Using Cross updating to link your calendar to another SuperControl client that also markets your property

Using Cross updating between two SuperControl accounts will mean availability will be kept-up-to date in real time. SuperControl will create a "cross-updated booking" in the linked account whenever a booking is placed in your account to avoid double bookings.

If you have a cross-updated booking please note the following:

  • You will not receive a booking notification when this happens.
  • It will not include any guest information apart from their name.
  • It will not include any payment information.
  • It will not schedule owner payments / commission or display on owner statements.

The booking will be fully handled by the account that took the booking.

How do I request this?

1. Contact the company you wish to set-up cross-updating with and confirm with them that you require this set-up.

2. Our support team will require confirmation from both companies in order to carry out this work. Both companies should email Please include on this email what account will be paying for this additional service. A quote will be provided by our support team once they have a list of properties that you provide. 

3. In your email please ensure you use the following:

  •  Property IDs e.g. Property 852852 should cross-update with Property ID 963963. You may need to obtain the correct property ID's from the other account holder.
  • The other account holder's SuperControl account name and unique ID.  This will help our support team member to locate the property requested.

4. If you already cross-update with a SuperControl client, you need to inform the support team who these companies are so they can ensure cross-updating is set-up all-round. Failure to inform the support team that you have cross-updating enabled with other accounts can result in availability not being up to date.


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