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Testing and Troubleshooting your Pricing and Short Break Set-up

This article is intended to provide a handy guide to testing and troubleshooting your Pricing and Short Break set-up, via your website calendars. 

If you wish to preview these prior to putting them on your website, click HERE for instructions.

Using either the your live embedded website calendars, or their preview version, you can test your pricing and short break set-up easily. 

Correct Pricing & Availability Set-Up

For example, in the example below, the dates selected have the correct weekly price showing, and we can also see that a discount has been set-up to apply automatically. If this was what was intended, then you have set-up at least a weekly price for these dates, and the property is bookable. 

If you offer short breaks for all/part of the year, when those dates are selected you should also see the correct price for each of those different lengths of stay appearing, and any discounts should appear or not correctly, based on the rules you have set-up around them. 

Testing & Troubleshooting Pricing

'These dates are available but you need to contact us for a price'

If you choose a start date and a short break duration (or a stay of longer than 7 nights) and there is a price missing, you may get the message shown below. This message means that you have allowed this length of stay within the Short Break Band covering these dates, but have not entered the Price for that Short Break in the corresponding Price Band. In the example below, a 4 night Weekend Price is missing. 

  • You should therefore return to the Price Planner for the Property, click on the Blue Price Band covering those dates, and add the missing price(s). In the screenshot below, the red arrow is pointing to the missing price.

Note that you should normally still include, for example, a 1 night price, even if you don't offer 1 night says. a single night won't be bookable if you configure your short break bands with a higher minimum nights stay, but it is still needed if you wish to offer stays of longer than 7 nights, since the system uses the weekly price + short break price to quote for longer stays. Thus, a 1 night price is required to  quote a price for an 8 night stay.

Daily Pricing- how are Short Breaks Priced?

If you are using Daily Pricing, your short breaks will simply be the sum of the individual nights involved, thus a 3 night stay, starting on a Wednesday, would be priced as the sum of your Wednesday, Thursday and Friday prices. These are set in the individual Price Planner Blue Bands, and appear as below. In this example, I have chosen to make my weekly (7 night) price slightly cheaper than the sum of the individual days. 

However, should you wish, the weekly (7 night) price can the automatically made to be the sum of the individual days too.

Properties > Edit > select property > Settings > Go. 

Then, on the Settings page for the individual property simply tick the box below, and Save.

 What happens if a stay crosses over two price bands?

The Setting page for an individual property allows various pro-rata settings to be chosen. These determine how prices are calculated where a week or a short break crosses over two price bands. It is important to understand how these work, since they will determine, for example, how the priced quoted to the guest for a stay that crosses from a more expensive to a less expensive price band is arrived at, and visa versa. 

For a detailed explanation of how each Pro-Rata setting is calculated, click Here. 

Why is the Price different to the price I was expecting? 

Per Person Pricing is where different prices are quoted depending upon how many guests are selected during booking. If a price seems unexpected, and you have Per Person Pricing set-up, try amending the guest numbers and see if the price changes depending upon the guest number chosen.

If a property sleeps four and I enter a price for “2 people” and “4 people”, how does the system calculate a price for one or three guests?

The system will use your 2-person price for one guest, and use your 4-people price for 3 guests. This means you don’t have to re-enter prices that are the same if the capacity is lower.

Why is the Price quoted higher than expected?

The cause of a higher than expected price is often a result of the Minimum Price specified in your Price planner. The Minimum Price is a failsafe, to protect against the price of a booking falling to low due to a discount or a mistyped price (£30 rather than £300 for example). It can sometimes cause an unexpected price, if the Minimum Price is higher than a Short break Price entered.

For example, the Minimum Price specified for the cottage below is £300. 

However, the prices for several of the Short Breaks in this Blue Price Band fall below £300, so if any of these were chosen, the system would default to the £300 minimum and quote that instead. 

Troubleshooting Booking & Short Break Settings

A pop-up message appears when I choose certain dates on my Website Calendars!

On the Settings page, which can be reached via Properties > Edit > select property > Settings > Go. there are various settings which can effect the dates that are bookable, as well as the allowed duration of bookings.

1. 'Check availability Before Booking'. If set to 'Yes' this allows you to make the property directly bookable, but to include an additional pop-up message asking the prospective guest to check availability prior to booking before proceeding.

2. 'Accept Online bookings X days prior to arrival'. This setting allows you to specify how close you will allow a booking to be placed before arrival. If a guest chooses un-booked dates less than this number, a message will flag up

3. 'Do not accept arrival Before'. this allows you to stop bookings being placed prior to  specified date, and show the dates as either unavailable or to show a custom message instead. 

The example below shows, for example, a custom message relating to maintenance closure.

Instructions on using this option can be found here.

Why isn't a longer stay than x nights allowed? 

4. 'Max Duration for online Bookings'. This setting determines the maximum length of stay that could be offered, unless impeded by another booking. This can be important if the maximum stay allowed for a single guest is determined by local laws, insurance or similar restrictions. 

A longer stay might also be disallowed due to a subsequent booking, or due to your allowed departure days specified in the price planner covering the dates in question. 

Why are the settings in my Orange Short Break Bands in my Price Planner being overridden?

The Late Availability Short Break option, if activated, allows you to offer different settings for short break minimum and maximum stay a specified number of days prior to arrival, on a rolling basis. 

To set this up, go to to Properties > Edit > select property > Settings > Go. 

On the Settings page for a property, in the Short breaks Section, set your 'late availability' minimum and maximum stays, put the number of days before arrival that you want them to start to apply from, and Save  the page at the bottom. DO NOT click the blue 'Update Short Breaks' text.

The example below shows how this might be set-p to offer a 2 or 1 night minimum, 5 days or fewer prior to arrival. This will override the normal 3 night minimum that has been set in the Orange Price Planner Short Break Bands,  5 days prior to arrival, on a rolling basis. It is thus a useful way, if used intentionally, to get gaps between bookings filled by last minute bookings. 

However, if your normal settings in the Price Planner are being overridden unexpectedly, check that this setting is not in use. If you see a number in the 'Allow Late Availability Short Breaks x days prior to Arrival' box, then this setting is in operation. To turn it off, change the number to '0' and save the page at the bottom.  

Short Break Departure Grid

If you require a more complex short break set-up (for example with days that are allowed as departure days but not as arrival days, or with different settings for 7+ night stays) then you can ask for the 'Short Break Departure Grid' to be enabled, to give you greater control of your short break settings.

Click here for Instructions on setting this up.


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