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Matching the design of your website to Supercontrol booking pages

We are currently working on a new development to update the functionality and appearance of the booking cart, that will have an impact on the design  matching process. Please talk to your Onboarding Advisor or the SuperControl Support team to find out more. 

Booking screens can be matched to your website design to give your customers a seamless experience.

What do you need to do?

  1. You will need to let your Onboarding Advisor know that you want to go ahead with the Design matching. Here is how to request it in more details.
  2. The header and footer design and functionality of your site must be complete before the SuperControl team can design match.
  3. Time to completion is dependent upon Developer capacity, so please request this promptly if it is required. 

Design Matching is not included in the PLUS a package. You can pay an additional £90 +VAT charge if you are a PLUS customer and request Design Matching. 

If you need to re-do the Design Matching process at a later stage, there is a further charge of £90 +VAT. 

Design Matching is included in the AGENCY package, so no extra charge for this for the first time. If you re-design your website at a later stage and need us to re-do the Design matching there will be a charge of £90 +VAT.

If you require additional smaller changes, i.e. not a full re-design, you can contact our Customer Care Team for a quotation. 


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