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4 simple steps to manage your online bookings

Now that you’re live and you have the calendars displaying on your website, you need to know what to do when bookings start coming in. Below is a step-by-step guide of how to manage your bookings when they have been submitted via your website.

Step 1 Booking notification

When you get a booking online, you will first of all receive an email notification with a booking summary (this is a copy of what the guest is emailed).

Once you receive this, you can log into your SuperControl account. Here you will see an alert at the top of the page showing the number of new bookings.

To view the new booking(s) you can either click onto this notification and it will forward you to a page with all new bookings. You have the possibility to search for specific bookings on that page.

Or scroll to the bottom of the page until you see the the "Recent bookings" section.

Step 2 Review the booking

Click on the booking number to open the booking.

You should make sure that you check the booking details (to the right hand section of the booking page). 
This is your opportunity to make sure the booking is acceptable.

The booking is set to provisional until a payment is made, then the system will automatically change the status to confirmed. Your guest does not see this status change until they are sent a booking confirmation email so you still have the freedom to decide if you want to accept it.

Should you decide to change the status from "provisional" to "confirmed" straight away you go do that by clicking onto the Edit button.

Then use the drop-down menu to change the status.

Step 3 Check if payment has been made

It is important to check the method of payment at this stage, to check whether a deposit has been paid. First check how the guest has decided they are going to pay, e.g. by card.

Note: if you use a Payment Processor, the deposit can be taken at the time of booking, and a deposit payment can be made a requirement for a booking to be placed. To set this up go to Admin > General details (see How do I complete my general details? ). Select the payment methods that you would like to appear as options by ticking "Show to Public" next to them, and then saving. If you only select card options (i.e. 'Visa' and 'Mastercard') and have a Payment Processor set-up, a booking cannot be placed without a card payment being made. Selecting any of the manual methods, i.e. Cheque, Bank Transfer or Pay by Card (meaning an external card machine), will allow a booking to be placed without immediate payment being required. You can then contact the guest with details of how to make the payment.

Payment Processors - HolidayRentPayment, SagePay, Secure Trading, PayPal


In the booking, open the Customer payments tab to see whether the deposit has been successfully taken. Look for a reference number to see that the money has been successfully taken. For further details see What is HolidayRentPayment?

SagePay and Secure Trading

In the booking, open the Customer payments tab to see whether the deposit has been successfully taken.  Next to the transaction there will be a SagePay/Secure Trading reference number. The reference number shows that the payment was successful. 


In the booking, under the Customer payments tab you can see if a transaction has been made with PayPal. 

You will see the transaction number as shown below is payment has been taken successfully.

Bank Transfer, Cash, Cheque or External Card machine

To manually mark off a payment received via any of these methods, at the bottom of the page go to the Customer payments tab. Here you can tick if the deposit has been paid or mark off that the balance has been paid. This applies only to payment via cheque, cash, BACS or an external card machine. 

Step 4 Confirm the booking by email

SuperControl PLUS/AGENCY

PLUS or AGENCY customers can send the booking summary with a form letter by selecting to "Append summary to text" or "Insert text into Summary".

- Go to History & Correspondence and in the drop down of "Select letter" choose the template you want to use
- make sure that the option "Email" has been selected (the circle in front of it shows a dot)
- either select "Append summary to text" or "Insert text into summary"
- click "Generate" to see a preview of the letter that will be send; you can still edit the text in the preview before sending it.

We would recommend using our Automated e-mails function. This would then eliminate any need for the manual sending of e-mails as explained above!


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