New calendars : FAQs

When adding the new calendars to your website check to ensure you have replaced and updated pages which may contain the old style calendars.

What are the differences between the old calendars and new calendars?

The functionality between the two calendars remains the same. The new calendars have been modernised and the layout simplified, there are also more customisation options with the new calendars. As standard you can update the colours and start day shapes but also we can enable advanced settings where developers have access to detailed/advanced style object and also can make custom css rules. For advanced settings please email

How do we put the calendars on our website?

Within the set-up wizard Admin > Integration HTML you need to send your web developer the widget snippet code and this will then be embedded on your website. Click here for more information to set-up your calendars.

Do I need new design matching?

No. You or your web developer will add the calendars onto your website. As the guest progresses through the booking cart, the pages will remain the same as they do now which will be on the same design matched pages.

Are the calendars now hosted on my website domain?

The calendars are embedded on your website so they are hosted on your domain. For now when the guest clicks Book Now it works the same way as it does currently whereby the booking cart is hosted on SuperControl pages. 

Do I embed the new calendars in an iframe?

No. the calendars are designed so they will embed on your web page without the need for an iframe.  Iframes are no longer required to embed the calendar and will negatively affect functionality of new calendars.

Can I still add custom text above my calendar?

The new calendars are embedded on your website pages rather than our own, so there is no need for the custom calendar text that you may have previously used. To add important text next to your calendar to alert guests simply add it to the same page on your website that your calendar is embedded.

How do I set what property displays first in the monthly calendar list?

Once you have saved your calendar, you will be taken to a page where you select desktop behavior. Once you select any monthly calendar from the section below then tick "Set default property for monthly calendar". Select the property you want to display first

The snippet code will update accordingly underneath so you can paste this code on your website.


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