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RentalGuardian (Master Cancel) Introduction

SuperControl has teamed up with RentalGuardian to bring you Master Cancel, flexible cancellation protection that enables guests to book risk-free. It protects you (the owner or agency) and so in turn your guests as well. This type of policy is typically seen in the hotel sector and has never been available to holiday rental operators before.

How does Master Cancel benefit property owners and agencies?

By providing Master Cancel and its flexible cancellation terms & conditions to every guest:

  1. Enable you to offer your guests flexible cancellation and refund terms. 
  2. Property Manager will refund guest deposit or full payment, then claim 100% of the booking value (less a 10% deductible) if the dates don’t get re-booked. If the property re-books, the 10% deductible is waived.
  3. Motivates potential guests to book with You because of Your flexible cancellation terms & conditions.
  4. Program covers all booking sources, including OTA bookings that are confirmed.
  5. By participating in Master Cancel and adopting flexible cancellation terms & conditions, you qualify for commission discounts and favourable listing placement with OTAs.
  6. Qualifies Vacation Rental Managers like You for:
    1. Up to 2% channel management discounts with certain OTA’s (Airbnb and others).
    2. Favorable placement within OTA websites listing pages.

What are advantages of Master Cancel to the guest?

Master Cancel allows guests to book with confidence, knowing that if they cancel for unexpected circumstances that arise, they will be refunded their valuable booking deposit, fostering peace of mind and a positive opinion of the property owner/agency.

How do I find out more and get started?

  1. Log into your SuperControl account and go to Integrations> Insurance Products> RentalGuardian> Settings & Application form.
  2. Click the button to be transferred to the RentalGuardian form.  We transfer as much data as possible to the form to make the application process simple.  Read our guide to completing the RentalGuardian activation form. Completing the form does not commit you to anything and you can choose which of the RentalGuardian products you would like to use.
  3. Completing the Application/Activation Form is a great step to take because you will be provided by email with a login to the comprehensive Master Cancel Knowledgebase, hosted by RentalGuardian, where you will find detailed information. It also puts you in direct contact with RentalGuardian who can answer any remaining questions you have about the cover

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