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RentalGuardian (Master Cancel) How do I open coverage on iCal bookings?

Certain channels can only be integrated with SuperControl using an iCal link. These bookings initially come into SuperControl as '0 value' bookings. In order to open coverage on them, you need to convert them into Admin bookings. This article explains how to do this. 

N.B. The instructions below apply only to clients using Master Cancel, and should only be used for channels where the eligibility of bookings for Master Cancel coverage has been confirmed by SuperControl. 

HomeAway bookings are eligible for coverage, and this method should be used by clients with fewer than five properties, and therefore are not permitted by HomeAway to use their full integration. 

1. Navigate to the iCal booking in SuperControl, and press 'Edit' on the top right hand side. 

2. In the Edit pop-up window, tick the 'Convert iCal booking to Admin booking' option in the bottom right and then Save in the bottom left.

3. This will convert the former iCal booking into an Admin booking, into which the figures and guest details can be added to trigger coverage opening. Once these details are added, coverage should open in 5 minutes to an hour. 

The amount entered as the full rent should be the total amount paid by the guest (including any channel commissions) to ensure that the Master Cancel coverage is calculated to the correct level. 


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