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RentalGuardian (Accidental Damage Protection) : Introduction

Rental Guardian Accidental Damage Protection (RDP) provides coverage against accidental damage to the vacation rental property during your guest's stay. RDP in most cases replace the need for a security deposit. When a guest purchases this cover with their booking, the RDP plan covers the guest for up to the specified coverage amount if the property or contents in the property are damaged during the stay. Coverage is subject to the program terms and conditions. Please click here for more information.

How does Accidental Damage Protection benefit property owner and agencies?

  1. It alleviates the need to manually manage security or refundable deposits. Saving time & hassle.     
  2.  You can decide how much you charge the guest as you will set your own charge per booking depending on the coverage bracket. You can decide if you earn on every sale.    
  3. The cost of accidental damage protection is much lower than most security deposits. You become more appealing to the guest when booking, even more so over competitors who are asking for a large upfront security deposit.     
  4. The value covered is typically higher than most security deposits, giving you true protection against damage.

What are the advantages of Accidental Damage Protection to the guest?

1. The guest doesn't have to fork out a large security deposit on top of the money they pay for their stay.

2. The guest doesn't have the risk of not getting their money refunded. They simply pay a small non-refundable fee that covers risk of accidental damage.

How do I find out more and get started?

1. To set up the connection with RentalGuardian Accidental Damage Protection, login to your SuperControl account and go to Integrations > Insurance products> Rental Guardian > Settings & Application form.  

2. Please use our guide to set the rest up.


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