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RentalGuardian (Accidental Damage Protection) : FAQ's

General questions...

What does it cover?

Accidental, unintentional damage to the homeowner's rental unit or its contents during a covered booking. Examples include: accidental broken glassware or lamp, accidental broken furniture, accidental carpet spill, accidental furniture or carpet tear, accidental broken or damaged appliances.

Is this insurance?
  • No, RentalGuardian is different from insurance. It is accidental damage protection (it does not require authorisation from a Financial Advisor).
What are the changes between the old and new RentalGuardian Damage Protection?
Old  > New
Only available to property owners/managers with 10 or more properties.                                                          
> Available to anyone.
Guest can choose when booking to either pay a smaller non-refundable damage cover cost, or a larger refundable security deposit. > Compulsory option added to all bookings, the guest doesn't get a choice. As soon as you enable RDP then the option for security/refundable deposits is disabled in the property settings even if a previous value was added.
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If damage cover was chosen by the guest, they would see this option. > You have the choice to show the guest the cover, or hide it from them.
Rental Guardian provided product types that had pre-fixed charges that you selected per coverage bracket. > You can set your own charge for the guest per coverage bracket.
Rental Guardian Damage protection and Rental Guardian Master cancel didn't work together.  > Rental Guardian Damage protection and Rental Guardian Master cancel work together now. 
Damage protection had to be manually added to admin bookings.  > Damage protection will be added by default to admin bookings.  
Damage protection cost wasn't included on channel bookings.  > Damage protection will be included in channel bookings and itemized in the booking in SuperControl.
Will I be liable for more damage if guests know they are covered for a small fee?

Evidence from thousands of policies sold by RentalGuardian suggests that damage is not more likely with protection. If it does happen, you have a higher level of cover without having to chase guests or rely on your own insurance. If there is damage, with RentalGuardian, you have peace of mind that you are covered.

Are there any exclusions to the cover?

Accidental guest caused damaged is covered under the policy.  

The following general exclusions generally apply: 

  •  Damage arising from gross-negligence, malicious intent, or illegal acts by the Covered guest/ guest party; 

  • Theft without a valid police report; (guest theft is not covered) 

  •  Sets or series: no coverage for set replacement, including but not limited to wears, furniture sets, stamps collections, artwork, etc.; only the item needing repair or replacement can be claimed; 

  •  Damage caused by movement of motorized vehicles including but not limited to automobiles, boats, ATVs and golf carts are excluded 

  •  Hours logged searching for replacements, picking up items, delivery, and/or filing claims; 

  • Damage to bedding and towels; 

  •  Property loss as a result of mysterious disappearance; 

  •  Damage due to normal wear and tear; 

  •  Damage for items beyond life expectancy; 

  •  Repairs performed by in-house labor or regular on-site maintenance personnel; 

  •  Damage to “common areas” or equipment not part of the rental unit. 

  • Limitations The following limitations apply: 

  •  Damage submissions for older, worn out furniture/facilities/flooring may be age-depreciated, sometimes significantly; 

  •  Liability submissions are subject to the program deductible listed in the policy declarations. 

  •  Artwork: Damages to works of art have $1,000 maximum benefit. 

  •  Pet-related damage: Standard pricing assumes no pet damages are covered; pet-related damages are excluded and claims 

  • not approved unless pet-friendly-unit coverage is specifically endorsed/ added to your program for an additional per-stay cost. 

Do I have to use approved suppliers to rectify damage, or can I use any local tradesman?

Repair or replacement can be completed by any contractor you choose, however, the work cannot be completed by an employee on payroll. 


Does the guest receive a confirmation of cover directly?

The policy coverage holder is the property manager so the coverage does not get emailed to the guest. 

Can I itemize the cover to my guests and if so what does it look like?

Yes, accidental damage protection can be shown to guests. It will show on the front end calendar, also on the booking cart and and a line item in the booking summary. 

Does the guest get the choice between paying for the cover or paying a refundable deposit?

Accidental damage protection is a mandatory program and will be added on all active bookings on enabled properties. The accidental damage protection program is a replacement of a refundable deposit thus avoiding the hassle of taking and refunding money to the guest. 

Does the policy cover damage to outdoor items , ie. Hot tubs?

The policy covers accidental damage to items that are part of the unit/rental.  


How do I make a claim?

Damage claims must be initiated within 14 days of the guest departure. After the claim is initiated a photo of damage and a paid invoice/receipt must be uploaded to the claim within 45 days for the claim administrator to review. 

How long does it take to complete a claim?

You have 15 days after guests depart to open a claim. Once opened, you have an additional 45 days to complete the claim.

How quickly will my claim be processed and paid?

Once the invoices and photos have been uploaded for each damaged item the claim will be reviewed by the claim administrator. Claims can be adjudicated from a week up to 45 days depending if additional information is requested by the claim administrator. 

What evidence do I need to provide to make a claim?

Damage claims require the following: 

  • Detailed description of how the damage occurred. 

  • Detailed description of the corrective action. 

  • Documents - Photo of each damaged item 
                             - Paid Receipt for each damaged item showing a $0.00 balance. 

Do I need to provide quotes for any repair work required?

Estimates and quotes are not necessary for claims. A paid invoice showing that no balance is owed for the repair or replacement is required for claim processing. 

What can I do if I disagree with the decision on a claim?

An appeal can be opened on a claim if you are not satisfied with the determination. To do so, please provide an appeal letter on company letterhead detailing why you are not satisfied with the claim decision. 

Can I claim for my own time taken in resolving a damage issue? If so, how would I invoice this?

For a claim to be valid you must include a paid invoice from an external contractor.  


What will happen to my pre-existing bookings before I enabled RDP?

RentalGuardian Damage Protection will only apply to bookings made on and after the activation date. You will still need to manually manage security/ refundable deposits on your pre-existing bookings.

How do I add it to admin bookings?

 Damage protection will be added by default to admin bookings. 

Does it apply to channel bookings?

For our two way channel integrations such as Airbnb,, HomeAway and TripAdvisor the cost of damage protection will apply. Although it wont be shown to the guest on the channel, it will be itemized in the booking in SuperControl.

How are payments handled?
  • The guest pays for damage protection at the time of booking, so if payment is split then the fee will be payable with the deposit. You then pay RentalGuardian for the amount, minus your commission, when invoiced. All payments are handled on the RentalGuardian platform. This will be covered in detail in your training.


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