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New Calendars: translation feature

We have added a new setting to our calendar wizard which will allow your guest's when booking, to click to translate the text to a different language.

The current languages are as follows:

  • English
  • French
  • German
  • Polish

Go to Admin> Integration HTML>  Then click on the link on the green strip to Go to calendar wizard.

Click on the Widget code tab. Then choose your calendar from the drop down menu.

The page will expand open with the full details of your calendar.

You will see two settings that refer to language.

Tick the box Show translation for calendar widget.

This will allow your visitors to select which language should be used in the calendar.

Then from the drop down underneath you can Select default language

This is the language that will be shown by default until the guest viewing changes it otherwise.

Your widget code will be automatically amended to your new settings. Now you can copy the snippet code from the Generate snippet box and embed the code to your website.

At the top right hand of your calendar you will now see flag icons.

The visiting guest can click on the icon with one click to translate the language of the calendar and the book now pop-up. 

What about translation for the rest of the booking process?

We are busy working on developing our new booking pages. The current process to turn on translation for the booking pages and not just the calendar, we can admit isn't the most user friendly. So we are working to make this a lot more seamless in our new development. For now you can contact to enable a setting for you which will then open up a new selection of settings in Admin> general details. 

You tick the languages you want to show flags for and Save.

Now the guest can choose the translated language for the rest of the booking process.

So currently this is a 2 step process for the guest however once we have completed our new booking pages (coming soon) this will become an automated process. The guest will only need to choose translation on the calendar and the whole booking process will be automatically translated.


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