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How does my web developer create an availability search form on my website?

Your web developer can easily create a search form on your own website that links to the SuperControl availability search.

Doing this gives you complete control over the look and feel of the form and how it integrates into your website.

The HTML form should post data using the GET method to the following URL:

Compulsory hidden form fields:

ownerID Your ownerID
Your siteID

You can send additional parameters if you want the country/region/town fields to appear in the SuperControl search form.

To show regions and towns (click here for list of ISO country codes):

show_regions=1&iso=[default iso country code]&show_towns=1
An example of how you would send this is to amend the URL you are posting to, for example please see the updated URL highlighted below:[default iso country code]&show_towns=1

To show countries regions and towns:


To show property types (if used on your account):


To show star grading:


To show property name:


Form fields

You can send the following data in your request. If you send a startdate you must send either numbernights or enddate. 

Otherwise all fields are optional.

Example form code

A basic example can be downloaded from:

Relevant API requests

Clients using the SuperControl API can create dynamic country / region / town fields in their search.

Property types:[your siteID].xml

Countries:[your siteID]

Regions and towns:[your siteID]

The above URL will request the top level regions and all towns.

The regions API can accept additional parameters:

country The two char ISO country code    
 regionID The regionID (used to filter towns)
level Default is zero. E.g. level=1 will show second level regions    
parentID Combine with level to drill down regions

For example to create a series of dynamic country / region / town drop downs:

Show all top level regions in GB

Display a second field for sub regions

Towns will be filtered appropriately as you drill down.


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