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How can I build my own availability calendar using the API?

1. To build the calendar connect to{siteID}&propertycode={propertycode}&startdate=today&enddate=2016-12-31

You can also specify a start date or just use “today”. This gives you a list of dates and whether they are booked or available or an allowed arrival day.


2. When a user clicks on a date you need to let them select the number of nights. To do this connect to{siteID}&id={propertycode}&startdate=2016-08-29

This may return no nights > night nodes if nothing is available, for example if minimum stays prevent any departure dates. The dates may also not be in order, for example it could be 3,5,7.

This API also gives you guest numbers which you should show and pass to the pricing endpoint because number of guests can affect pricing.


3. Once they have selected a number of nights you can then call{siteID}&id={propertycode}&startdate=2016-08-29&numbernights=3&adults=2&children=0&infants=0

This will give you a price (if one is available) as well as the “book now” link.


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