Statistics overview

In your SuperControl account you have a Statistics menu. In here you will find a whole list of reports to see how your business is performing. Here we will go through each report.

Geographical and location statistics

Post code map 

Here you can see where your guests are from. For example, you can see that 5% of people booking with you are from a particular area in England. You can also filter by a specific date range.

Country and region

Here you can see what country/region your guests are booking from, and how many bookings there are for each region.

Booking statistics

Booking leadtime

This report shows you how far in advance people are booking and arriving. For example, in 2016 we can see that 100% of bookings arrived within 3 months.

Repeat bookings

How many of your guests are first time guests? Guests who have bookings in previous years? Guests who have multiple bookings this year? This report allows you to view this information as a simple bar chart. To see exact bookings this data relates to, click on the coloured bar and it will give you a list of bookings. Perhaps you may want to make note of your repeat guests to offer them a discount?

Booking duration

Here you can see what percentages of your guests are staying for weekly stays or short breaks. You can also click into the pie chart to give you exact details of the bookings.

Number of properties

Are the majority of your bookings just for one property or multiple properties? Here you can see a pie chart telling you this information. You can also click into the pie chart to see the bookings this data relates to.

Number of guests

Here you can see the average number of guests based on bookings through the year or previous years.

Performance statistics

Property performance

See how your properties are performing over a specific date range. You can see how many bookings have been placed and their value, how many holidays have been taken and their value plus days let, total number of guests, bed nights and percentage occupancy.

Year-on-year comparison

See how many bookings you have taken last year compared to this year. Are your bookings up or down? This report will tell you.

Forward bookings

Here you can see your percentage occupancy for future bookings, and if you click onto the bars within this chart it give you how many bookings and their details.

Online booking statistics

Online bookings/Online bookings by website/Online bookings by mobile device

These three reports allow you to see how many online bookings you have taken compared to admin bookings, if you have multiple websites you can see how many bookings are being placed by each site, and how many people are booking from their mobile?

Revenue statistics

Revenue report

How much revenue are you generating from your bookings and options/extra over a chosen period? Are you VAT registered? You can also see how much VAT has been generated from the bookings. You are also able to see how much income you have generated compared to what you could have taken if the property was fully booked (Total possible weekly revenue). 

Future revenue

For future months you can see what money is due from guests, paid by guests and any refundable deposits held or due.

Income transfer report

This report allows you to see any payments and refunds made day by day over a chosen date range. Your income transfer column also allows you to see a value of bookings that start on that particular day. If you wish to see a list of payments by booking number and payment method, you can also view another report in Bookings > Charts & Reports > Search customer payments.

Payments for future bookings

See a list of all of your future bookings. This report tells you what the value of the booking is and you can see how much the guest has paid.


How many bookings have a discount applied? Here you can see a pie chart that highlights this information. You can also click within each segment to see a list of bookings this relates to.

Booking options statistics

Booking options

Here you can see how much revenue you have taken for your booking options. If you click “Full options report” you can filter by single options to see how successful each option is.

Booking source statistics

Customer booking sources

Monitor how guests have heard about you. The pie chart shows you clearly which sources are the most popular


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