How can I search for bookings?

1. Go to Bookings > Search bookings. You'll see it's possible to search bookings by a whole list of categories. You might, for example, search by surname, booking number, or post code.

2. You can also refine the search by dates:

3. When you are happy with the search criteria, press "Search".

Notice from here you can place a "New booking". This is useful if you are searching for a guest that has stayed previously and you want to make a repeat booking.   

4. When you have collated your results, it's possible to export all the information to Excel.  Press "CSV" next to the Search button. 

Set Advanced Filters

1. You can customise the report to suit your needs by clicking on the Show Advanced filters button. 

2. If you tick the boxes next to "Include search fields", you can customise what search fields will show up on the dropdown menu. You can also customise which CSV fields (which columns) to include in your Excel report.

3. You can also choose whether to include the custom questions you created for your bookings and enquiries by clicking on the Settings button at the top right.


Aisling Milne

It would be super if we could untick/select all of the advanced filters as sometimes we are only looking to include one or two.
Cheers Aisling

Aisling Milne

It would be super helpful to have a frozen column header/title as when you scroll down through the results its tough to remember what the headings are as they obviously disappear as they screen down,

Master master

Hi Aisling, Its already on our backlog to look at freezing the columns when scrolling.
If you wish to submit a development request about anything else please add a ticket within your account or e-mail and they will log the request for you. Thank you

Aisling Milne

When filters are set this doesn't correspond with the excel spread sheet which downloads to include all the filters including the ones I didn't wish to see

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