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How can I view cancelled bookings?

1. Go to Bookings > Cancelled bookings.

2. Filter by date range, site or source and click Filter. All filtered cancelled bookings will display in a table underneath.

3. To export this report to an Excel file click the “CSV” icon.

Alternatively, you can filter this information by going to Bookings > Search bookings.

1. Select your date range by “Cancelled date” and Booking status as “Cancelled”.

2. This report will allow you to filter by further parameters eg Property name, exclude owner bookings etc.



Would like to be able to customise filters for cancelled bookings and include for example >Guest's name< filter - or any required, hence customise

Tobias Parker

I will suggest this as a future development possibility to the product team- you can see the guest name in the list of cancelled bookings as a separate column, but indeed, at present it is not its own filterable option.

christel stevenson

When you go into bookings the search bookings you do not get the option as described above owner bookings ( exclude owner bookings)

Master master

Hi, the option to hide owner bookings is a feature of our Agency account. If you are using an owner/Plus account then you will not have reference to owners. Thank you

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