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There are lots of resources available to you to help you make the most of SuperControl. The Help Centre is the best (and quickest) place to find answers, guidance and best practice ideas - you can access this at any time and simply use the search bar to easily find the answers you are looking for.

If you need more specific help (or can't find the answer in the Help Centre), please raise a help ticket. We really want to help you as quickly as possible and the best way to do that is if you submit a help ticket (see details below). Raising a help ticket is more efficient than sending an email as it enables the team to immediately identify your account and find a solution quickly, and you can refer back to the solution at any time. We aim to reply to a ticket within 48 hours.

It can be tricky to get through on the phone sometimes. Typically peak call times are between 10:00am and 3:00pm and during this time the team are also working hard to reply to tickets. The call volume usually tails off towards the end of the day (around 4:00pm). When ticket volume is high we temporarily switch off the phones to enable us to resolve tickets in the stated time frame. If you leave a voicemail, a ticket will be created on your behalf when the team listen to the message - so it can be quicker to raise a help ticket instead of leaving a message.

Please recognise that seeking support by phoning the sales line or raising support issues in the SuperControl Community Facebook Group will not result in a quicker response. If you do this, a ticket will be raised on your behalf – so it is much quicker to raise a ticket yourself in the first instance response. 

How to raise a help ticket

If you need help with something that you can't find the answer to in the Help Centre, please raise a help ticket.

Log in to SuperControl, click Help in the top right of your screen, then click Request help:

When  you raise a ticket, the client care team can immediately identify your account. We want to resolve any issues as quickly as you do, this is how you can help:

  • Use a clear and concise subject line.
  • Describe the issue clearly.
  • Include booking number, dates, properties etc.
  • Explain how it is affecting your business.
  • Provide screenshots where possible.
  • Outline your expected resolution.

You will receive a confirmation email, with a ticket number, and you can track your ticket's status at any time. 

Please do not raise duplicate tickets, this will not speed up the response time. If there is something else you want to tell the team about the issue raised in your ticket, you can edit it. 

How to view and edit your tickets

Go to Help, then click Your tickets. 

Here you will see all of the tickets you have raised: those still open and those that have been closed (you can refer back to the solution in the future).

To edit your ticket click on the ID number, then click add note. Add details, then click Save

Only do this to add information to an existing ticket. If you have a different issue, please raise a new ticket.

How to view and edit your ticket


Q. Is raising a help ticket the same as sending an email?

A. No. Raising a ticket is much more efficient. Your account is immediately identified, you can edit it to add more information, provide a screenshot or update at any time and the ticket is then saved in your account so you can easily find and review the issue and solution at any time in the future. If you send an email there is an extra step in resolving your issue as the first thing the team has to do is identify your account (which is not always straightforward). Correspondence regarding this concern will not be stored in your SuperControl account, so it won't be as easy for you (or the client care team) to refer back to in the future. 


The client care team delivers webinars designed to help you make the most of your SuperControl account.

It's easy to join one. Simply register your place, you will receive a reminder email an hour before it starts, click on the link and you can watch, listen and ask any questions you might have.

If you have any problems joining a webinar, take a look at these troubleshooting tips

Webinars are recorded and saved in SuperControl webinars. You can view them at any time.

To see what's coming up next and register a place take a look at the webinars page on the SuperControl website.


Q. If I miss a webinar, can I see a recording of it?

A. Yes. Recordings of webinars are all added to the SuperControl webinars page in the Help Centre.

SuperControl Community Facebook Group

The SuperControl Community Facebook group is a closed group, exclusively for SuperControllers. It is a place you can get to know each other, ask questions and share tips and ideas. It also gives us a fantastic insight to what's important to you so we can build our content and resources such as Help documents, webinars and Q&A sessions; plus we feed your ideas and comments back to our Product Manager.

Join the SuperControl Community Facebook Group


Q. Can I ask a question in the Facebook Community instead of raising a help ticket?

A. No. The community is where you can put a question out to other SuperControllers. It's a fantastic way to share best practice and it might be that you get answers quickly there. Members of the SuperControl team do keep an eye on the community, but it's purpose is to facilitate communication. If you need support with something specific to your account please raise a help ticket.

Workshops and conferences

Keep an eye on the Events page of our website to find out what conferences and events we will be attending throughout the year.

Where possible we arrange training workshops to tie in with our travels, helping you to get the most from your booking software. This is usually a morning or afternoon session, where two members of the support team will show you what's new or how to use certain features in your SuperControl account.

These sessions are often user-led, so you can feed in to the subjects that will be covered. This means they can be topical and tailored to your needs.


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