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How can I import my manual prices into SuperControl?

You can import your prices from a CSV file directly into SuperControl. 

Please email our Client Care team at to enable this function in your account.

Please ensure you follow the below steps in preparation for importing the prices.

It is important that you save the spreadsheet as a CSV file.

  • Start date and End date should be formatted as dd/mm/yyyy
  • There should be no headers in the file
  • The 'pax' (number of guests) column should be 0 (zero) for full occupancy
  • No currency, only numbers in the file.
  • Please ensure the start date and end date are different in between price bands.

For example, a price band will start on the 01/01/2019 and end on the 07/01/2019; the next price band should start the following day 08/01/2019 and end when desired (eg 31/01/2019)

It is important that you save the file in the correct CSV format.  View a video on how to do this in Excel.

01/01/2019 07/01/2019
08/01/2019 31/01/2019

Here is an example on how the CSV file should be formatted:

Headers are for example only.  DO NOT include headers in the file.

Please make sure you use the CSV-file format without any further encoding, e.g. UTF-8

Once the function has been enabled: 

1. Navigate to the price planner of the property and you should see a new 'CSV Price Import' tab.

2. Select your price model from the drop down.

There are three different price models available:
- Fixed price for number of nights
The prices are set for a specific number of nights, e.g. 4 nights

- Fixed price for number of nights (midweek and weekend)
This option needs to be used when different prices are being used for midweek and weekend breaks, e.g. 4 nights weekend £500; 4 nights midweek £300

- Nightly prices
This needs to be selected when the prices are setup weekday specific, e.g. Monday £150, Tuesday £175 etc.

3. Select the property you are importing the prices for; Use end date should be set to 'Yes - uploading prices with start and end date' and Choose your file. 

Then click Upload.

The next screen will let you review the prices before you can scroll at the bottom of the page > click Import prices.

Please note that importing prices will remove all existing prices in SuperControl for the year you have entered in the CSV file.


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