Help CentreUsing SuperControl Channel ManagerHow do I send messages to Airbnb guests from within SuperControl?

How do I send messages to Airbnb guests from within SuperControl?

You can schedule emails to be sent to a guest directly from SuperControl into their Airbnb login! 

When Guests reply it will directly feed back into SuperControl - keeping all correspondence in one place.

N.B. If an Airbnb guest requires a specific/one-off reply you should respond directly from Airbnb. This is because you can only schedule automated emails to the Airbnb messaging service in SuperControl.

How to enable Airbnb messaging in your SuperControl account

1. To enable Airbnb messaging go to Integrations > Channel Manager > International > Airbnb then click 'Manage Accounts'.

2. Click 'Authorise' on 'Messages (read)' and 'Messages (write)'.

3. You will then be transferred to Airbnb (you will be prompted to login, if you aren't already), then, in Airbnb, click 'Allow'.

Set up and schedule an automated email

1. Go to Emails/Letters > Add and set up an email template to be sent to your Airbnb guests. For help click here

Do not add pictures or HTML, as these messages will display as plain text only when sent to the guests Airbnb login.

2. Next go to Emails/Letters > Automated emails/SMS.

You may already have an existing letter group with all of your scheduled e-mails added to it for your direct bookings. If so, you can add your Airbnb letters to this or you may want to add a new group just for your Airbnb e-mails.

Click on Add new group> Add a name for your group> Select which bookings this e-mail group will apply to> Add group.

On the select option drop down menu select Add new letter> Go.

Choose your letter and click 'Add letter'.

Select your schedule settings and ensure Delivery method is set to 'Send letter via Airbnb'.

Once 'Send letter via Airbnb' is selected, you will notice fields will disappear. This is because they are no longer relevant when scheduling this sort of message to Airbnb.

Enter any additional schedule criteria if required and click 'Update letter'.

If you already have e-mails set-up to go out to your other third Party bookings you will need to add a new criteria to those existing e-mails so the Airbnb guest's don't receive duplicates.

How messaging displays for you and the guest

The guest can log in to Airbnb, click on Messages > Messages View all

Airbnb will send you email and SMS notifications of new messages sent. You will also be notified in SuperControl via your alerts:


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