Holidu: Introduction & FAQ's

Holidu overview

Holidu is the fourth largest holiday rental channel worldwide, enabling partners to lower their dependency on the largest channels. Holidu's mission is to make search and booking of holiday homes easy. It's a booking platform for self-catering properties with over 27 million visitors a month across 21 live domains, with the majority of customers coming from Europe and the UK.

Holidu and SuperControl have a long-standing partnership spanning over 5 years. If you're looking to attract more European travellers, entice return bookers or grow your brand, Holidu could be the perfect channel for you.

Why partner with Holidu?

Holidu helps you maximise your reach and generate more bookings. Here’s how:

  • 17M+ Holiday rentals online
  • 27M+ Monthly website users
  • 1500+ Partners Live
  • 100k+ Monthly bookings
  • Higher average booking value than other leading OTAs with an average 7 night stay.
  • No hidden costs: Holidu doesn’t charge commission on any extra costs such as a cleaning or booking fee.

In addition to some impressive stats, there’s plenty of reasons to list your properties with Holidu:

  • Higher average booking value than other leading OTAs with an average 7 night stay.
  • No hidden costs! Holidu doesn’t charge commission on any extra costs such as a cleaning or booking fee.
  • No risk. The commission is only applied to successful, paid bookings.
  • Their new Partner Portal allows live inventory performance reporting.
  • You will have your own personal account manager who specialises in your region.
  • By partnering with Holidu, you can improve your brand identity, as unlike other OTAs, your logo and company name are clearly displayed. This ensures the guest knows they are booking one of your properties.
  • SuperControl's channel service fee does not apply to Holidu.
  • We offer full calendar, pricing and content synchronisation between Holidu and SuperControl.

The Guest Journey

The Nuts and Bolts: Listing with Holidu

As of 2022, our Holidu connection is new and improved. With a whole host of additional features on offer, the enhanced integration will give you more control and save you bucketloads of time.

  • Upgraded payment processing: Wave goodbye to manually chasing for payments! All bookings include mandatory credit card information entered by the guest directly on Holidu, meaning better booking conversion and fewer clicks for the guest. Direct payments mean that guests won’t be redirected from Holidu when making a payment, making this feel more secure. All you need to do is process the registered card payment.. See instructions here.
  • Enable/disable individual properties: You can now enable and disable individual properties to appear on the Holidu platform right from the SuperControl integration page.. providing you with more control in your marketing mix.
  • Property specific price uplifts: Price uplifts can now be set for specific properties, providing you with the opportunity to test and try your pricing strategy.
  • Holidu specific booking extras: You can now send Holidu specific booking extras such as separate booking fees.
  • Auto-mapped amenities: Sending amenities is now much quicker and easier! They’re now auto-mapped, meaning you can simply click the amenity you have set up in your SuperControl account and press ‘map to Holidu’. 
  • Holidu agent: Previously, you had to set up a Holidu agent yourself and manually add it to each booking. Now, an automatic Holidu agent is added in every Holidu booking when it reaches SuperControl to itemise and provide accurate financials.
  • API enhancements: We have much more in-depth API documentation available for you, and the speed and reliability of the integration have been altered, providing real-time updates.

The integrating between Holidu and SuperControl is a two way API connection. From SuperControl, we send:

  • Rates; Including default extras, discounts & price uplifts specifically for Holidu.
  • Availability
  • All static content: properties, capacity, room/bed configurations, photos, amenities and all web descriptions.

Click here to learn how to list your properties with the Holidu platform.

Note: To list on Holidu you must have a minimum of 5 properties, all of which must be instantly bookable (i.e. not 'enquiry only').

What is the commission/ percentage model?

Holidu work on a commission of 12%+ VAT. The commission is taken from the price we send them which is based on the price planner price, plus any default booking extras, plus any uplifts.

An automatic ‘Holidu’ agent will be created in Admin> Agents that will itemise the 12% commission +VAT in every booking from Holidu when it lands in SuperControl to help you manage the financials.

Invoices will be sent by Holidu the following month to you for all check-ins made the previous month.

Are there any specific requirements for listing with them?

To list on Holidu clients must have a minimum of five instantly bookable properties. Properties set on 'enquiry only' cannot be listed on their platform.

You will need to have the following data entered into your SuperControl account per property:

  • Location details (address) including latitude/longitude
  • Main property description
  • 5+ amenities
  • Check in/out times
  • 5+ photos

If the criteria for these haven't been met in the set-up of your property in SuperControl, when you try to onboard your properties to Holidu we will show you what's missing. You would then need to go and fill in the missing requirements and come back to the integration page where the listing will re-start building.

What cancellation policies are available?

You must choose your cancellation policy in Holidu's online portal, it is quick and easy to do. The one you choose will apply to all properties. Holidu offer varying levels of cancellation policies which you can see below.

Can I uplift my prices if I connect to Holidu?

Yes, you can add an uplift once the connection has been initiated.

Will discounts feed through?

Yes, all discounts will feed through including occupancy based ones (eg. the low occupancy discount).

Will all my properties feed through to the Holidu site?

On the Holidu integration page in SuperControl you can choose to enable all properties for Holidu or just select certain ones.

Holidu recommend the full inventory to be listed to allow maximum exposure to potential customers.

How will guest payments be handled?

 If you use a fixed amount booking deposit at the moment by default the guest is asked to pay 100% of the payment at the time of the booking for all bookings. At the moment Holidu only accept percentage of total deposits. The option to split deposit and balance payments for fixed deposit users will be added in the future.

1. The guest will book on Holidu and they will enter their card details directly into the booking form on Holidu's checkout.

2. Once the guest has entered their card details to them it looks like the money has been taken from the bank, in fact the card has just been authorized and the card payment will be sent to the booking in SuperControl account under the customer payments tab. You will see the card payment there ready to be charged. You simply need to process the payment like you would if you were taking a payment over the phone but instead select the card details that are already saved in the booking instead of needing to manually enter them. 

Do Holidu payments comply with PSD2?

The guest will go through the relevant 3DS checks at the time of booking.  Holidu will then send us the results of these checks as secure tokens when they provide the card details.  We can then use these results when we process the payment meaning that these transactions will comply with PSD2.  

How are security deposits handled?

If you have a security or refundable deposit set-up in SuperControl then we will send the value of that to Holidu. Holidu will only display it to the guest in plain text when they are booking, they won't add it to the payable amount. For example, if a £200 Security deposit is required to be paid directly to the property manager. The collection of funds for this will then need to be managed outside of Holidu and in SuperControl by either contacting the guest to collect the money or setting up and automated e-mail to send number of days prior to arrival for them to pay this. When the booking is pulled into SuperControl from Holidu the refundable or security deposit settings you have set-up will automatically be itemised on the booking and under the "Security deposits tab. 

Can I set-up specific default extra's for Holidu only?

Yes, you can set-up a Holidu specific extra that will only apply to Holidu and no other channels or direct bookings. To do this go to Properties> Booking extra's> Add New Extra> Go down to the "Show on channel only" then select Holidu from the dropdown>Save. Then make sure you go and apply this to the property and add the fee as you do for other extras.

How do booking cancellations and modifications work?

You can modify and cancel Holidu bookings from within SuperControl and this will update Holidu automatically. 

 Holidu send invoices after the 5th of every month for all check ins from the previous month. It is your responsibility to make sure cancellations or modifications are correct before invoicing otherwise you could be charged commission on bookings that didn't happen. 

Can I distinguish guest age categories for Holidu bookings?

Yes you can, in SuperControl the capacity settings is what we send to Holidu but this doesn't define what age you accept as a baby, adult & Child. The default setting for Holidu bookings are all capacities are adults but you can manipulate these if you wish to. 

Within your Holidu portal go to Booking configuration. Here you can add the ages you wish to accept on Holidu's side.

Click here to see FAQ's on the Holidu website. 

Interested and want to know more?

To find out more on Holidu, click here to visit their website. If you have any questions or would like to schedule a call to discuss Holidu in more detail please book a call with Tom from Holidu who will be happy to help.


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