Help CentreUsing SuperControl Channel ManagerHow do I set up the Sawday's integration with SuperControl?

How do I set up the Sawday's integration with SuperControl?

1. Log into SuperControl and go to Integrations > Admin tools > iCal Feed. Click ‘Individual Properties’

2. Copy the link for the property from the column Basic iCal feed (booked dates only).

3.Log in to your Sawday's Member Area

4. Make sure you have added your Booking Rules first under 'Manage Rules'.  

5. Once complete go to 'Manage Availability' - each of your rooms/places will be show here

6. Rename each room/place to something more memorable

7. Click 'Manage calendar'.

8. In the ‘iCal Sync’ tab, type ‘SuperControl’ in the ‘Channel’ field or select it from the drop down list.

9. Paste your SuperControl iCal feed URL in the ‘iCal Feed’ field. Click ‘Add’.

10. Once the iCal feed has been added successfully, your synchronisation with SuperControl is ready. SuperControl will now show in the list of your synced channels. You will be able to see any unavailable dates from SuperControl in the 'Manage Calendar Manually' tab, under ‘Other Channels’.

11. Copy the Sawday’s iCal feed under Sawday’s to other channels.

12. Go back into SuperControl, to go to Integrations > Admin tools > iCal Feed > Import.
Paste the link into the field to the right of the property

13. Repeat steps 1-12 for other places/rooms


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