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Edit > Settings : How do I block dates for a specified period?

You can now blocks dates in SuperControl up until a specified date.  You can also copy this to all properties if required.

1. Go to Properties > Edit > select property > Settings > Go.

2. Scroll down to the heading "Availability chart options" and next to the the option "Don't accept arrival before", select your date by clicking on the calendar icon.

3. You can choose to enter a reason for the property unavailable for this time in the box below. This can be made to appear as a pop-up message when a guest clicks on a date within the specified range.

If you want guests to still be able to click on the arrival days, but be shown the message, then DO NOT tick the "Show as unavailable" box.

If you would rather show that there is no availability, DO tick the "Show as unavailable" box.

4. Scroll to the bottom of the page and click Save.

If you want to copy this setting to all properties, for more instructions click here.

5. If you added a reason and left "Show as unavailable" un-ticked, the reason will appear as in the example below when a guest clicks a date within the range specified. The dates will still be clickable.

6. If you chose "Show as Unavailable" instead, the dates will not be clickable. In the example below, "Show as Unavailable" was ticked, and the date range set to end on 30th April. There were some existing bookings in place, which appear in grey shapes, the remaining days until the 30th are in white but cannot be clicked on, and the dates from the 30th onward are bookable as normal. 

If you want to make sure your guests are not getting confused by how the blocked dates are displaying in the calendar, you need to block the dates off with a booking (instead).


Clare Hammond

Please can you provide settings to allow 1 month+ bookings ONLY - this would be helpful in managing the COVID situation

Tobias Parker

I am a little unclear whether you wish to offer bookings only of 1+ months duration, or only make one month of calendars available only at a time. If the former, you can only offer bookings of a week's duration or longer- there is no way to specify a greater minimum duration than 7 days. If the latter, you can control how far in advance you wish to show your calendars using the settings under Properties- Chart Display. If you meant neither of these scenarios, please contact SuperControl support directly and we will endeavor to assist.

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