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Property alerts : How do I view my property reminders/alerts?

You can run a report to view all reminders set to each property.

To learn how to set up your reminders click here.

1. Go to Properties > Property alerts.

2. Enter your date range for your report. You can filter by specific property or all.

3. Click Filter.

4. To export to a PDF or CSV click on either of the icons shown below:

Send the report to your owners (Agency)

5. Click "Email alerts to owners".

6. Specify your date range and click Filter.

7. To include an email template as a covering note select a template from the Email text drop down. To add an email template click here.

The "Admin email" is the main email address entered within Admin > General details.

"BCC all to admin" means your email address will receive a copy of all emails sent to each owner.

8. When you're ready click "Send".


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