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Cancelled bookings: How do I see my original booking value and measure revenue loss from cancelled bookings?

When you cancel a booking you may want the booking value to show as 0 if the guest has either been refunded or didn't pay yet, however its handy to see the original booking value so you can see the potential loss of the booking. We have factored this into your reports so you can view your revenue loss from cancelled bookings.

When cancelling a booking the below settings are ticked by default:

What do the above tick boxes actually do to the booking?

You can un-tick where necessary before confirming the cancellation. 

"Set prices to zero" and "Remove booking extras" are ticked by default. If you confirm the cancellation with these ticked then the booking value and all extras will show as zero value. If you then re-instate the booking, the values will remain at zero and no prices will be reinstated.

If you un-tick "set prices to zero" and "Remove booking extras"  then the values in the booking will visibly remain once it has been cancelled, so then if you were to re-instate the booking, the values will show exactly how they did before it was cancelled.

If you are using our Agency package you also have the option to keep any scheduled owner payments in the booking even after it is cancelled by just un-ticking "Remove scheduled owner payments". 

Once the booking is cancelled you will be able to see the original booking value in the top right hand corner of the booking:

Please note: Original booking value = Total rent only. (This is the price from your price planner.) 

It does not include any booking extras or any other fee's such as agent commission.

For any bookings that were cancelled before the date we added this feature you will see a restore button so you can restore the original booking value. This will also populate your reports to show the value of the booking before it was cancelled.

If for any reason it is not possible to restore the price of the booking, you will see this error message;

The original booking value can only be restored for Admin or Direct website bookings and will not be restored if the booking was through a Channel, API or iCal. If you find you cannot re-store the price of an admin or direct website booking then please contact support by submitting a ticket from within your account.

Which reports will show my revenue loss from cancelled bookings?

The Cancelled Bookings report and Search Bookings report will show original booking value on cancelled bookings.

If you go to Bookings> Cancelled Bookings you will see the column:

Also if you go to Bookings> Search Bookings and filter by the cancelled parameter then you will see the column:


Lisa Godfrey

This isnt showing on my cancelled bookings ? ID 481 eg. Booking 883123

Tobias Parker

Hello Lisa, 883123 is still a live booking in your account. If the value doesn't show on an Admin or Website booking that has been cancelled, please contact Support directly and we can take a look.

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