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How do I track Google Ads conversions with SuperControl

We recommend using Google Tag Manager to set up your Google Ads conversion tracking.

If you do not have Google Tag Manager set up please visit our set up guide.

Once Tag Manager is in place please follow Google's help guide to deploy your Google Ads conversion tags.

Cookie consent
If you chose to use Analytics (or other tracking such as Facebook) on your website and or booking pages please be aware that you are responsible for obtaining consent. Please discuss the options for obtaining cookie consent with your web developer.

We also recommend applying the below steps to your Google Analytics account from the 'Admin' section:

  • In “Account Settings”, disable all the data sharing options. Stop sharing your visitor data with Google products & services, for Benchmarking purposes, for Technical support, to Account specialists and Google sales experts.
  • In “Account Settings”, review and accept the Google Ads Data Processing Terms.
  • In “Property Settings”, disable all the Advertising Features including Demographics and Interest Reports.