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How to set up a refundable deposit

You can choose to set-up a refundable deposit  to collect a set sum from your guests, to draw upon if needed to cover the cost of any necessary replacement items or damage to the property.
The refundable deposit can be collected with the deposit or balance, and returned to the guest after their stay.

1. In order to set a refundable deposit up go to  Properties > Edit > click 'Go' to the right of the property

If you are asked to search for a property, enter the name and click Go.

2. Scroll down to the section  'Booking details'.
Enter the amount you want to collect:

Select One off to charge the guest only once.
If you are offering long term rentals you might want to select   Per week    instead.

You can choose between collected either with the deposit (first guest payment) or with the balance.

Please do not use the option  Use Security Deposit when setting up a refundable deposit

3. Scroll to the bottom of the page and click 'Save'.

4. If you want to use the same settings / the same amount for all of your properties, go back to the Booking details section. Click onto [ Apply to all properties ] for this section.

Select only the options you want to copy and click Apply.


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