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Beyond pricing - How do I get started?

How do I integrate my SuperControl account with Beyond Pricing?

Please note you must have Blue Price Bands (prices are not required for new properties, just price bands) in place for your properties to allow Beyond Pricing to begin their algorithms. 

You should also have your Orange Short Break Bands in place which will tell the system what lengths of stay you offer for short breaks. these are always controlled via SuperControl.

The Property should therefore look something like this before you start:

1. Go to Integrations > Price Optimisation > Beyond

2. Click "Enable" against all properties you want to integrate with Beyond Pricing. 

When 'Enable' is clicked, a snapshot will be taken of your existing prices, should you ever wish to revert to them.

3. Use the 'More Information and get started' link found on the Beyond Pricing integration page (illustrated in the screenshot below) to be directed through to their own website.

4. Here you must paste the long activation key to be found on the Beyond Pricing Integration page in SuperControl. This will only work if you ticked 'Enable' next to at least one property as directed above. 

4. Follow the steps in this Set of Instructions in the Beyond pricing Help Centre, to get your account configured correctly. 

Beyond Pricing will do the rest! Your pricing will now be updated automatically. You will start to save time immediately,  as you no longer need to manage your prices. No more setting rates manually or copying over from last year!

SuperControl users who are already pushing prices to  Airbnb and listings do not have to connect these channels to Beyond Pricing again — SuperControl will push to these channels once you have made your property listings inside Beyond Pricing active. Beyond Pricing will push the prices to SuperControl, and SuperControl will push them to the connected channels, with any uplifts and default extras  you have chosen to add.

Setting short Break Pricing

The usual way that Beyond Pricing is used 

Thus, the individual dynamic nightly prices are fed through directly to SuperControl (and updated every 24hrs) and any short break is simply the sum of the individual nights involved. 

In this example below, a 3 night break starting on a Friday, would be priced as the sum on Friday, Saturday & Sunday (155 + 171 + 149 = £475) The dynamic prices already price prime weekend nights higher than weekday nights. 

The weekly price is the sum of the individual 7 nights involved, beginning on Saturday. 

With this model you are getting the greatest benefit from the lie, dynamic market data, and price adjustments are easy to achieve simply by amending your base price and waiting for the system to re-sync with SuperControl. 

Fixed Percentage Short Breaks

Should you wish, you can also make your short break prices a fixed percentage of your composite 7 night Price. 

In this model, which can be enabled on the Beyond Pricing integration page i SuperControl by ticking the box and clicking the 'Set Percentages' button that then appears. If you feel you want to use this model, your weekly (7 night) price remains dynamic. It is still the sum of the individual nights involved, from Saturday to Friday inclusive). 

However, your Short breaks are then calculated as a fixed percentage of that dynamic price, and so will also adjust as the 7 night price adjusts, but remain a fixed percentage of that dynamic price.  

Adjustments (should the resultant prices be to high or low for short breaks) are  then accomplished by amending either the fixed short break percentages, or the base price in your Beyond Pricing dashboard, or both. 

This option can be useful for those who wish their short breaks to be proportionally more expensive than their weekly price, but has the disadvantage of less closely tying the short break prices to the dynamic Beyond Pricing data, and introduces a fixed, self-determined element (the individual percentages) into an otherwise completely data driven process. 

If you feel this percentage short break model is still the right option for you, Beyond Pricing have produce this article about setting percentage short break prices in Beyond Pricing.


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