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Creating and Marketing smaller capacity versions of a property

As of Monday 14 September there are restrictions on the number of guests.  The rules vary in the different UK Nations, but generally indoor gatherings have been limited to six people.

For those with larger properties we do not suggest simply changing the total capacity of an individual property in SuperControl.  This will create complications in your existing bookings as well as any distribution to OTAs.

While restrictions remain in place the best option is to attract bookings from smaller parties.  Overall demand is still very high so there is a good chance of booking smaller groups, even in very large properties. The sections below explain some of the strategies we suggest to help attract smaller groups to book your larger properties.

Changing your Default Capacity on booking calendars

In order that the price the guest sees when first looking at their chosen dates reflects the legally permitted group size in your region, you can change the Default Pricing Capacity, whilst leaving the actual capacity intact. 

To do this, go to Properties- Edit, and then to the 'Settings' page of the property you wish to amend. In the 'Property Details' section, change the 'Default  Pricing capacity, then 'Save' at the bottom of the page. Repeat for other properties if required. 

This will then show the price you have in place for the number selected as the default pricing capacity first. Make sure you have the requisite price in place in the price planner, in the blue price bands.

Using low occupancy discounts

The following video shows how to use the default pricing capacity and low occupancy discounts to attract smaller parties.

Creating smaller versions of larger properties

You may wish to create a smaller version of your larger properties to encourage smaller group sizes to book.  This will let you control the pricing and when you will make properties of each size available to book.

The following video shows how you can use the "Copy to new" function to quickly do this.

NOTE.  It is important that you close off availability in both versions of these properties to avoid double bookings.  Cross-updating is not valid in this instance.


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