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Auto emails: Using Airbnb messaging from within SuperControl

You can use the auto email feature within SuperControl to keep in touch with your guest who have been booking via Airbnb.
This allows you to keep better track of the communication with these guests and provides them with all required information without taking up more of your time.

1. Go to Integration > Channel manager > International > Airbnb > Manage Accounts

2. Click the Authorise button to enable the options Messages (read) and Messages (write).
The green tick shows that the function is enabled.

The next step is to set up email groups that are specifically set up to send emails to the Airbnb messaging system.
How to set up email templates - please see this link for further information
How to create email groups for auto emails - please see this link for further (general) information

Should you need to edit existing email groups / letters please go to
Emails / Letters > Automated emails / SMS > for the relevant letter group select Show letters as action > Go > for the letter to be amended click Edit

4. In the Settings section make sure that Scheduled criteria is selected. This is necessary to make sure that these emails are only being sent to guest having been booked via Airbnb, but not other third party channels.

5. Select Integration > Send letter via Airbnb for the Delivery method

This will change the Settings section to the following layout:

6. Select Airbnb as the Third Party in the drop down for the schedule criteria.

7. Make sure to scroll to the bottom of the page and click Update letter.


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