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How do I list my properties on Breakfree Holidays?

Click here to see an introduction and find out more on Breakfree.

This integration is a two way API connection.

From SuperControl we send:

  • Rates; Including default extras, discounts & price uplifts specifically for Breakfree. 
  • Availability
  • All static content; Properties, capacity, room & Bed configurations, photos, Amenities & all web descriptions.

1. To initiate a connection with Breakfree first of all you need to send them an onboarding request.

To do this go to Integrations> Channel Manager> International> Breakfree:

2. On the page you will see a short onboarding request form. Details are pulled in by default from Admin>General details. However you can edit the fields if necessary. Once you are happy with the information that will be sent, tick to accept the Terms & conditions and click Sign up to Breakfree.  

This will trigger a request to the team at Breakfree where they will review this and get in touch with you. 

3. Next, to speed up the onboarding process, you should also tick to enable which properties you want to be listed with Breakfree and click Save. This will release your property data in the API feed so when Breakfree pick up your request they can also view your property information and gather what they need to accept you listing on their website.

You can also add any uplifts at this stage so when the listings are accepted the uplift is already there.

4.  Now you simply need to wait to hear back from Breakfree so they can discuss contractual terms and agreements with you. 

They will be able to tell you when your properties have gone live on their website.


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