Yonder: Introduction & FAQ's

Yonder is a new travel platform that invites guests to connect with the natural world and the people who steward it. Through the Yonder site and app, guests can discover and book overnight accommodation and activities at farms and rural properties that are close to nature. Overnight stays range from guesthouses, cottages, barns, cabins, treehouses, yurts, glamping and others. A full range of rural activities and experiences will also be available and as varied as producing goat milk soap, to farm pop-up workshops, guided hikes, horseback riding, and more.

To find out more about Yonder, click here visit their dedicated listings page.

Why list your properties with Yonder?

  • Yonder is a property and activity booking platform that exclusively supports rural accommodation. If you have properties located in rural or rustic settings you can quickly reach guests who are ready and waiting to explore the natural world.
  • Connecting with Yonder will enter you into a competition to win 0% commission fees for one year.
  • Benefit from ongoing dedicated support from a Yonder representative when listing with the platform.
  • Yonder is an incorporated Public Benefits Corporation which means they are legally committed to placing equal importance on both profit and positive societal/environmental impact — and owners that practice sustainability are given special recognition.

Click here to see Yonder's FAQ's.

Why does Yonder have two different websites?

Yonder.com is the global trademark of Yonder Global PBC. UK users will be directed via their IP addresses to their UK content, which can also be seen at Yonder.com/uk.

 Yonder.co.uk is a UK based tour operator specialising in India and the Far East and is not associated in any way with Yonder.com or Yonder Global PBC.

What commission does Yonder charge?

Yonder offers a competitive fixed 8% +  VAT commission to its owners. The 8% is inclusive of credit card fees.

How do payments work with Yonder?

Each booking payout will process within 24 hours of the guest's check-in to their confirmed stay or activity. 

If you have any questions, please connect with your Steward Advocate.


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