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Login users : Why can't I download the database?

When you want to download the database, but find that you don't have the option to do so, you can enable it in the settings for your login (user).

To do this, ensure your login access level is set to "Super admin" in Admin > Login users. If you're not set to this access level please ask your "Default user" to change this setting for you.

1. Go to Admin > Login users.

2. Click on "Edit" to the right of the login username you wish to enable the database download for.

On the right hand side in the column Download DB should be showing Yes. If it is showing No, the setting needs to be changed.

3. Click Edit.

4. In the column Download DB change the setting from No to Yes.

5. Click Save.

When you now go to Database > Filter you can download the guest data as required.


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