Payment Processor Error Codes

If you use a payment processor you can now see payment logs for every card payment made within a booking. At the bottom of the customer payments tab in each booking you will see a new link "Online processor log". Due to the recent changes in the industry with stricter card laws and 3D Secure online regulations we are naturally seeing higher payment declines. We believe these new logs will help you to diagnose why a payment failed and enable you to resolve the issue quicker. Check out our handy guide that includes explanations to error codes that are specific to the payment processor you use.

Check error code diagnostics below:


Error- Invalid XML- indicates that not all address fields have been completed or property has not been onboarded to HRP

Check that all address fields on the booking have been completed correctly and retry.

 If it's not the address, it could be a new property which has not been onboarded to HRP yet. 

Go to Integrations > Online payment gateways > HRP > Application form and submit the application for the new property to HRP. 

 Error - ‘Daily Room Rate is invalid’- indicates that there is escrow on the property

This error is due to escrow being on a new property. Please contact HRP and request that they remove escrow from this property. 

Error Code E1002- Indicates that not all required fields were found.

This means that not all card information was included, please ensure that all card details are filled in correctly and retry.

Error Code E1024- The credit card is expired.

Please request that the guest provides an alternative payment method.

Error Code E1025 - Indicates that Credit card declined

This error means that the card has been declined by the bank. The guest should contact their bank or provide an alternative payment method.


 You can search for Opayo error codes by using the following link and searching for the error code that is shown on the payment logs for the booking :

What does the 4006 Error mean for Opayo (Sage Pay)?

When processing a card payment using Opayo (Sage Pay) do you receive the following error:

"4006 : The TxType requested is not supported on this account."

If yes, follow the instructions below:

Send the below email to 

Copy and paste the text below into your email and enter your vendor name in the space specified.


Please can you ensure all these functions are enabled on my account as I have just received the following error: 4006 : The TxType requested is not supported on this account.


Kind regards,

Trust Payments (Secure Trading)

Error Code 30000-  this indicates a field error.

The error data field returned will typically contain the name of the field that was deemed invalid. You will need to retry the request, ensuring all required fields have been submitted, and that all submitted field values follow Trust Payments’s specifications.

Error Code 70000- this indicates a payment was declined by the bank.

The guest should contact their bank in this regards or try another payment method.

 Error Code 71000- this indicates a soft decline was returned by the card issuer.

This has occurred because card issuer declined the request due to absence of Strong Customer Authentication (SCA). Retry the payment making sure to complete the SCA step and also ensure that the card is 3DS enabled.

Error Codes 60010, 60034 or 99999- this indicates there has been a problem processing the request and the final status is not known.

This can be due to a communication problem with a bank or third party. We would advise that you contact Trust Payment for further information.



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