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SuperControl has engaged Besso Limited, a locally licensed insurance agency operating in the UK, to deliver a Damage Protection scheme that protects you against guest-caused damages to the owned contents of your short stay rental property during contracted stays. It’s an alternative solution to security and refundable deposits. UK Damage Protection puts you in control by offering a direct integration with your management software system.

The UK Damage Protection programme provides coverage with each booking that addresses risks of guest-caused damage to your property while it’s rented. Core advantages include:

  • Rest easy knowing your property is protected.
  • Reduce the administrative burden of refundable and security deposits.
  • Enhanced guest satisfaction with no need for guest verification.
  • Responsive dedicated dashboard.
  • Reimbursements are paid to the full value of the item up to the maximum coverage value you purchase, rather than depreciated value.
  • Generate revenue on every coverage.

UK Damage Protection is powered by three different businesses: Besso Limited, SuperControl and RentalGuardian. Besso Limited handles the regulated commercial insurance brokerage services, while RentalGuardian provides the programme’s technology. SuperControl enables you to integrate seamlessly with the programme to protect your properties.

How do they support Damage Protection?    What can they support you with?  
Contact details   
Besso Limited is a licensed insurance agency operating in the UK. Besso will explain the policy coverage and deliver to you a policy and related terms.
Commercial insurance brokerage services such as quote delivery, policy issuance, billing and claims payment processing.
SuperControl manages your booking related activities and business.   
SuperControl will support you with configuration and use of UK Damage Protection within SuperControl.
RentalGuardian is API integrated for efficient billing and easy claims filing through their unique integrated platform.   
RentalGuardian supplies the technology to run the program, including Policy Manager access, claims portal, and PayNow portal.

A more detailed introduction to the UK Damage Protection programme is available here:

How do I get started?

 You can apply for UK Damage Protection by completing the following steps: 

  1. Complete a simple interest form:  
  2. Authorise SuperControl to release booking data to RentalGuardian.   
  3. Besso Limited will then respond to your interest form by contacting you to open a client file and initiate a compliant program quote, bind and document issuance process. 
  4. Complete the RentalGuardian account set up.   
  5. Go live and have all your stays protected.   

This integration is available in owner and agency versions of SuperControl. If you are a SuperControl LITE user, please book a Discovery Call to explore the additional value of a fully-featured owner version of SuperControl.


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