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How do I manually add, edit and send an enquiry?

How do I add an enquiry via Enquiries > Add?

1. To manually place an enquiry, go to Enquiries > Add.  

2. On this screen you should add the contact details of the person that is enquiring. 

3. Add the dates of interest, number of people, and properties of interest. 

4. Notes for the enquiry can be added at the bottom of the page.  

We recommend you use Enquiries > Add when you have, for example, received a phone message and you want to log the enquiry.

How do I add an enquiry via Bookings > Grid view?

Grid view  (Bookings > Grid view) can be used to add an enquiry if your guests have dates in mind but have not necessarily specified which property they want to stay in. It shows up all properties that are available on a single screen.

1. Go to Bookings > Grid view

2. From Grid view, click on the requested arrival date, and select the number of nights, number of people,  then "Place enquiry"

3. On the enquiry screen add the contact details of the person that is enquiring, add the dates of interest, number of people, and properties of interest. Notes for the enquiry can be added at the bottom of the page.

4. Save. 

How do I create a quote from Grid view?

1. Once the enquiry has been saved you will notice that a new section called "PDF Quotesappears. This function allows you to create a quote to send to the guest by email.  If you click on the "New Quote" button you will be directed to the availability search. 

2. From the availability search you can specify the date, number of people, etc. 

3. Click the "Search" button further down the page. 

4. This will pull through all properties that are available for those dates and the search criteria. Once the properties display, tick which ones you would like to send in the quote. It's also possible to manually amend the price for a particular property if you wish to offer a reduced rate.  If the price is reduced here, it will only show as a reduced price on this quote (i.e. it does not change anywhere on the booking calendars). 

5. Once done, tick "Attach to quote" then click the "Attach to quote" link above the list of properties.

6. You will then be re-directed back into the enquiry page. 

7. Scroll down to the PDF quotes heading where you will see that there is now a PDF link to show you have generated a quote.  

8.  Preview what the link looks like by clicking the link. The quote pulls through a property photo, description, the price that you're offering, and a book online link. The "Book online" link allows the guest to book online via this quote.

How do I create a quote from the availability search?

1. Go to Bookings > Availability search. 

2. Here you can search for available dates.

3. Press Search. 

4. To generate a quote, input a price/value corresponding with the selected property. 

5. Tick "Attach to quote".

7. Then "Attach to quote" link (above the list of properties).

8. Your quote will be generated as a PDF.

How do I edit an enquiry I have previously created?

1. Go to Enquiries > View/Edit and enter the date range. The default dates are set to the current month.

2. Select the properties that you wish to search. To select more than one property hold down the Control key. For Mac users use Command to select properties.  

3. To view enquiries, based on the arrival date that the guest is interested in, select a date from the Arrival date requested field. This will show you any enquiries from guests interested in arriving on this date. You may have a specific property with availability on this date. It allows you to check if anyone has enquired, and follow up to see if they would like to place a booking. 

4. You can also search for an individual enquiry by your choice of: last name, postcode, email address, telephone number, or enquiry ID.  Select the relevant option from the drop down box and enter a value in the blank box.

5. It's possible to Filter your enquiries by status if you reliably maintain this information.  Select the relevant status from the drop down box.

6. Press "Filter".

How do I send a quote in an enquiry email?

1. Having generated a quote (see How do I add an enquiry?), you will want to send the quote by email to the guest. At the top of the Enquiry page you have a Form letters section. From here you can select the correct letter to generate your enquiry. Make sure that Email is selected, then click the "Generate" button.

2. A preview window will appear, allowing you to preview the email before you send.

3.  You have three options to choose from in how to include your quote. The first option is to attach the PDF to your email. You will find this option just above the send button at the bottom of the screen. You must tick the box "Quote generated" for the PDF to attach to the email.

The second option allows you to include the quotation details in the body of the email. Simply place the cursor into the email where you would like the quote to display. Click on the "Quote text" link.

The third option allows you to insert a link into the body of the quotation email. To do this, select where you would like the link to be inserted. Choose the "Quote linkoption (see below).  

Please note the quote link is recommended as it takes the guest to a design matched page. The quotation link is also better if you are quoting for several properties.

4. Once you have chosen your preferred method, scroll to the bottom of the page and click "Send" to send the email. Any emails sent will display in the Notes section. You can refer back to this if you want to see what emails have been sent.

How do I set enquiry quotes to expire after a certain time period?

1. If you plan on sending quotes to customers you can add a time schedule in Admin > General details.  

2.  Scroll down to Website enquiry form options.

3. Under "PDF quotes expiry date" it shows how long you would like a quote to be left open. Choose between no expiry, one month, one week, two weeks, or one day. This encourages guests to book within the specified time before the quote expires. 

4. If you type something into "PDF quotes expiry text", the text will appear only if a guest tries to book after the quote has expired.  

5. Click Save.

How do I add my enquiry sources?

Enquiry sources show where guests have heard about you, for example, word of mouth or any booking channels you might be advertising with. Enquiry sources are set by you and display during the booking and enquiry process. It is a great tool to make use of in SuperControl to keep track of where your bookings and enquiries come from.

1. Go to Bookings > Booking sources. 

2. Under "Show in website booking form", select "Yes" if you want the options to show on the booking/enquiry form. If you don't want a list of sources to show on your website forms, select "No".

3. Choose "Yes" for Booking sources to be a compulsory field.  If you make your sources a compulsory field on your website, guests will have to say how they found you on the enquiry form before they can book.

4. Use the "Add new" button to add new sources.  

5. Whenever you enter an enquiry (Enquiries > Add), you can select your source from a drop down:

To make this field compulsory so it cannot be avoided when adding an admin enquiry go to Admin > General details, select the option below to Yes and Save.

How do I search my enquiries?

1. Go to Enquiries > View/Edit. Type in a date range which could be today until the end of the month, for example.  Select your properties, then press "Filter". This will bring up any enquiries associated with your property.  

2. You can use the Arrival date requested calendar to search enquiries by arrival date. If you have had a cancellation, for example, you might want to view the properties that are now available on the requested arrival date.

3. Status: You can filter your enquiries by status if you reliably maintain this information.  Select the relevant status from the drop down box and press "Filter". You can also filter by Custom form fields such as "pet friendly"; and it's possible to filter by Website.  

How can I view my enquiry statistics?

There are several reports SuperControl provide in order to track your enquiries:

Enquiry stats

Enquiry date chart

Enquiry sources

Enquiry conversion

Enquiry stats report

Go to Enquiries > Enquiry stats

This gives you a bar graph showing the number of enquiries you have received by month.  If you click on a coloured bar, it will give the the number of enquiries for that month.

Enquiry date chart

Go to Enquiries > Enquiry date chart

This gives you a bar graph showing the number of enquiries you have received by month in a specified date.  If you click on a coloured bar, it will give the the number of enquiries for that month.

Enquiry sources

Go to Enquiries > Enquiry sources

This shows you a pie chart of the number of enquiries received by source.  You can change the dates by click on the calendar icons at the top right and then clicking filter.

Enquiry conversion

Go to Enquiries > Enquiry conversion

This report shows the number of enquiries per property. In some instances you will receive one enquiry for multiple properties in which case this report will return higher totals than the enquiry stats report. 

You can change the dates by clicking on the calendar icons and then clicking Go.

How do I set myself a follow-up reminder in an enquiry?

1. At the bottom of the Enquiries > Add page you can set a follow-up action for yourself or another member of staff. Set the date for when the action has to be done plus any notes that you wish to add.  

2. You need to manually check follow-up actions as there are no reminder alerts for this. To manually check your follow-up actions, go to Enquiries > Follow-up reminders.  Here you can check any enquiries that have been allocated to you.  

3. Click on the Enquiry No to get to the next screen. This is where you can generate a letter for the enquiry, send a PDF quote, or send a brochure. When you are done with following up on the enquiry, you can set the follow-up action to "Action complete".

How can I Create different enquiry status options

To create additional enquiry status options go to Enquiries > Enquiry status

2. From this page you will have 5 locked statuses that will be present. However, you can create additional statuses which you can choose to edit, disable or delete at any stage:

3. The locked statuses and any enabled custom statuses will then show in the various status selections for enquiries such as Enquiries > Add,  Enquiries > Edit and Enquiries > Follow up reminders:


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