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Property types : How do I set-up property types?

Under the Property types menu option (Properties > Property types) you can specify what type of property you have: bungalow, apartment, lodge, etc. You might set this up if you have lots of properties listed on your website and want users to be able to search by cottage, villa, apartment, for example. 

Adding a property type

1. To add a property type go to Properties > Property types and enter text into the field provided then click "Add".     

Allocating a Property type to your property

2. You must make sure that the property type has been saved against a property. To do this go to Properties > Edit > Settings.  

Searching by Property type

If you wish to search by property type via the admin side, you can use the Availability search, Grid view, or Properties > Edit (suitable for a large number of properties) .  

1. Go to Bookings > Availability search. Filter your search by Property type. In this case, we want to search for an "Apartment".

To search by Grid view, go to the advanced search on Bookings > Grid view.

Searching Property types by Properties > Edit is only applicable if you have a large number of properties. 


2. You can also set up your website to do a custom search so that Property types can be searched.


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