How do I edit an enquiry?

1. Go to Enquiries > View/Edit and enter the date range. The default dates are set to the current month.

2. Select the properties that you wish to search. To select more than one property hold down the Control key. For Mac users use Command to select properties.  

3. To view enquiries, based on the arrival date that the guest is interested in, select a date from the Arrival date requested field. This will show you any enquiries from guests interested in arriving on this date. You may have a specific property with availability on this date. It allows you to check if anyone has enquired, and follow up to see if they would like to place a booking. 

4. You can also search for an individual enquiry by your choice of: last name, postcode, email address, telephone number, or enquiry ID.  Select the relevant option from the drop down box and enter a value in the blank box.

5. It's possible to Filter your enquiries by status if you reliably maintain this information.  Select the relevant status from the drop down box.

6. Press "Filter".


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