Help CentreUsing SuperControl Managing EnquiriesHow do I set myself a follow-up reminder in an enquiry?

How do I set myself a follow-up reminder in an enquiry?

1. At the bottom of the Enquiries > Add page you can set a follow-up action for yourself or another member of staff. Set the date for when the action has to be done plus any notes that you wish to add. 

2. You need to manually check follow-up actions as there are no reminder alerts for this. To manually check your follow-up actions, go to Enquiries > Follow-up reminders.  Here you can check any enquiries that have been allocated to you. 

3. Click on the Enquiry No to get to the next screen. This is where you can generate a letter for the enquiry, send a PDF quote, or send a brochure. When you are done with following up on the enquiry, you can set the follow-up action to "Action complete".


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