Help CentreUsing SuperControl Configuring PropertiesEdit > Settings : How do I update my deposit and balance settings?

Edit > Settings : How do I update my deposit and balance settings?

1. Go to Properties > Edit > select property > Settings > Go.

2. Scroll down to the heading "Booking details" and add in your settings.

3. Once the settings have been amended click Save at the bottom of the page.

Balance due (days): number of days before arrival

Deposit type: percentage of total, fixed amount per week, fixed amount, first night

Deposit value: this will be the value according to the type set e.g. in the screenshot it will be 30%

Arrival time: this shows in the booking

Departure time: this shows in the booking

Refundable deposit: one off or per week -  Payable with: Deposit, Balance, Use security deposit

To set up a security deposit, click the drop down next to "Payable with" and select "Use security deposit". If you use a payment processor, then select "Pre-Auth default credit card"


Clare Hammond

I cannot find how to allow for or enter, an interim deposit, there only seems to be provision for 1 deposit (which is not adequate where people book more than 6 months in advance). There was this feature before (to set an interim payment) but now I cannot locate it. please can you make this feature available and advise how to access it

Tobias Parker

This is a setting that can be enabled upon request- please just contact SuperControl support and we can enable it for you.

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