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Edit > Documents : How do I upload property attachments for emails?

1. Go to Properties > Edit > select property > Documents > Go.

2. Enter a document name e.g. Arrival instructions or Directions.

3. Choose whether it should be allowed to send to customers by selecting "Yes" or "No".

4. Choose whether it should be allowed in guest login by selecting "Yes" or "No".

5. If you already have a document that you wish to upload, select type "Upload file". If you wish to create a PDF from within SuperControl select "Generate PDF", this will open up a text box underneath allowing you to enter your text.

6. If uploading a file from your computer click "Choose File" and locate on your computer then click Open.

7. Tags for auto form letters: If you use our automated emails, you can add a tag for a document so that SuperControl knows to include property specific documents for relevant bookings. E.g. If you add a tag called "Directions", you can allocate that to your Directions uploaded file. Repeat this process for your other properties. This means when you create an automated email you can select the tag so that the document will attach automatically and know what property to assign it to based on the booking.

8. Tick whether this document should be attached to the online booking summary when this property is booked and Save.

Please note if you create a PDF using the Generate PDF function, if you need to edit the text in future you are unable to as you cannot edit a PDF directly from SuperControl. In this case you would need to copy the text and create a new document, make the changes and Save. Then you can delete the previous version.

Our e-mail processor has a 10MB limit. If the limit is exceeded it will not send. Please make sure when uploading attachments and files that the size is within the 10MB limit.


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