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Email templates : How do I add tags to auto populate information in my emails?

1. Go to Emails/Letters > Add.

2. When entering the text for your email template you can build the content of your template using tags. Click on TAG within the toolbar:

3. Then select relevant tags to populate your letter eg. Thank you for booking {property_name}. We look forward to you arriving on {property_arrival}…This means the tags pull through the correct information on each booking without you having to manually update it.

Please note: If using tags within the Booking properties section, ensure you click to "Add property section" <start> and <end> tags.  The <start> tag should be placed at the very top of the template and the <end> tag should be at the very end of the letter - see below an example. These are hidden when generated but allow the tags in between to show correctly.

Please note:
When sending reports the tags defined in the email templates are not working.

Can I add tags to the email subject?

The following tags are available to add to the email subject field:




Please note: When the Default email subject field is left blank the system will automatically use: Booking {bookingID}


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