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Auto emails : Can I limit automatic emails for certain properties?

1. Go to Emails/Letters > Automated emails/SMS.

2. Click Add new group, enter a Group name eg. “Guest emails” and select “Property Bookings”:

3. Click on the property names that should be enabled for this letter group. To select multiple properties hold Ctrl on your keyboard and click on each name (for Mac users use the Command key). Then click Add group.

4. Then select Add new letter > Go.

5. Select your letter eg. Arrival information then click Add letter.

6. Here you can set your criteria.

Tip: For the arrival letter you may want to schedule this 7 days prior to arrival only if the balance has been paid. In this instance the settings would look like this:

This letter shows the schedule settings to send an arrival letter 7 days prior to arrival and only if the guest has paid their balance.

7. Once your criteria is set choose any attachments to include (these will only display if they are uploaded into SuperControl. For instructions to upload attachments click here).

8. Select the recipients.

9. Click Update letter.

10. To add additional emails to the same group repeat the process above.

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