Help CentreUsing SuperControl Managing the Guest LoginHow does a guest log in to My Stay Planner,  the Guest login?

How does a guest log in to My Stay Planner,  the Guest login?

You can include the guest login link in an email template that will be sent to the guest. This way they just need to click within the email to sign up or login. Click here to see how to add an email template

1. To do this open up the template e-mail that you will be including this link to in E-mails/Letters.

You will see on the header of the e-mail there is a TAG box.

2. Under the "Customer" header on the tag box you will see the guest login tag.

If a guest has registered previously they can complete the booking process by logging into the guest login at the checkout process. This will auto-fill their details onto the booking form so they don’t need to enter them again.

Guests can also access guest login via their Booking Summary, by pressing the 'Manage My Booking' button.

Video Tutorial: Using Tags in auto emails to allow guests to set-up and access the Guest Login (My Stay Planner)

This video tutorial explains how to share the link to the Guest Login with your guests using auto email tags, including those guests who have booked through OTAs. 


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