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How do I set my booking extras to display in the guest login?

In My Stay Planner, the in-built guest login, you can give guests the opportunity to select booking extras for their stay. This is a great way to upsell and allows the guest to choose if they’d like to add any extras after they’ve booked.

1. Go to Properties > Booking extras.

2. If you wish to enable an existing extra in the guest login click “Edit” next to your chosen extra.

3. Set “Show in guest login” to Yes. Click Save.

The guest will be able to see the booking extras when they select the Actions drop down menu and click Booking Extras.

The guest can select the quantity and the price will be added to the booking balance.


Stephen Fairclough

Can you provide Folders (or headings) in the Guest Log-in Section?

Tobias Parker

The Developers are actively further making changes and improvements to the Guest login, so I shall forward your suggestion to them for consideration. With thanks, Tobias.

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