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How do I add an expense to an owner?

Adding an expense in the owner statement

1. Go to Agency > Commission statement.

2. Click Statement against your chosen owner.

3. Under the heading “Record payment expense” select Expense on behalf of owner and enter the amount.

4. Enter values if you charge VAT or commission on the expense.

5. Enter a caption e.g. “Cleaning charge” and the date which should appear on the statement.

6. Click Save.

Adding an expense directly within a booking

1. Navigate to your booking and click on Owner payments.

2. Enter a caption in the text field, enter a reference and enter the amount of the expense.

3. Select Expense on behalf of owner and click Save.

4. You will see the expense added as a new line. This will automatically be deducted from the overall amount due to the owner. Example below:

Adding a supplier credit note to an owner statement

You can add a credit to an Owner statement by adding a negative expense. This would "add" the money to owners statement and you can select the supplier who issued the credit note. 

Refer to the paying owners training video to see adding expenses to bookings and statements.


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