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History & Correspondence : How do I send a guest the online payment link for their booking?

1. First you need to navigate to the booking. 

2. If you know the booking number, click on the Search button on the top right of the SuperControl pages and enter your booking number. 

You can also go to Bookings > Grid view. Once you load your grid you can click on the booking to take you into the main area for that booking OR you can go to Bookings > Search bookings and use the filter options to find your booking.

3. Click on History & Correspondence. If sending an email template then select your letter and include the customer summary.

4. Click Generate. You can now see the payment link included as part of the customer summary.

5. Click Send to send this to your guest.

Once a guest receives this email they can click the link and enter their card details online to process their payment. This saves you time so you don’t have to contact the guest by telephone and it saves the guest time as they can quickly pay a balance online.

If this link is not showing in the booking summary click here.


Alex Nairn

If you schedule a reminder to be sent, does the date generated show as the date the letter was generated or the date it was sent?

Rosie Georgeson

Hi Alex,

If you schedule a letter to be sent it will show as the date it was sent within the History & Correspondence tab in the booking screen.

Kind regards

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