Help CentreUsing SuperControl AgencyHow do I set up scheduled payments/expenses to owners and suppliers?

How do I set up scheduled payments/expenses to owners and suppliers?

1. Go to Agency > Commission statement. Click the small cog on the right and select Statement.

2. Click on View and Edit Scheduled Payments » and then click Add scheduled payment.

3. Select the payment type e.g. Should the payment/expense be scheduled on a date each month, or on every booking?

Tip: If Scheduled is selected, the amount will not generate onto the statement until the date entered underneath has been reached.

4.  Select how often the payment/expense should run e.g. Every week, month etc.

5. Select whether the payment/expense should be added to owner bookings. If set to No, the payment/expense will be added to non-owner bookings only.

All Owner Bookings, the payment/expense will be added to owner bookings only.

Only owner bookings with housekeeper required, the payment/expense will be added to owner bookings with a housekeeper required only.

6. Enter the amount of the payment/expense, and select Payment to owner, Expense to the owner or Owed to owner/refund.

7. Select either the owner/s the payment is to be scheduled for or the properties.
(Hold the Ctrl key or Cmd key to select multiple owners or properties. 

Note: If selecting an owner the property selector will become greyed out and vice versa.
It is only possible to set a scheduled payment up by owner OR property, but not both at the some time.

8. Select if the payment/expense should be allocated to a supplier, and enter any commission you may be taking from this amount. If you select a supplier then this payment/expense will display on the supplier statement automatically.

Please refer to the help centre article How do I add and pay my suppliers for information as to how to pay create and pay a supplier.

9. Enter a Caption.
This will be showing in the booking when the payment has been applied.

10. Tick the box in front of Enable this Scheduled Payment and then Save.

Any scheduled payment that is set to be added to every booking will show in the owner payment tab and also the statement of the owner.

Any payment that has been scheduled for a specific date / interval, e.g. every month will be showing in the statement only.


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