Why do I keep getting logged out?

1. Firstly check that you have not adjusted your log out session time to below 60 minutes. To do this go to Admin > Login users.

2. Your login time out should be set at 60. This means that if you are inactive in SuperControl for 60 minutes then you will be automatically logged out.

If you need to change this back to 60, click Edit, update the number and click Save.

3. Another reason for your account being logged out frequently can be caused by browser settings or anti-virus software timing out your sessions.

In this scenario, we advise that you try logging in using a different browser.  Also check your browser settings for any plug-ins or extensions and disable them.  This resolves most login issues.

If you still experience issues please contact our support team.

Browsers available are Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Internet Explorer, Microsoft Edge and Safari.

Note: Always check your computer clock is set to the correct time. If this is not set correctly it means your login sessions will not be timed correctly causing frequent logouts.


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