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How do I add commission to booking extras?

1. When you have added your properties, simply enter your commission settings per booking extra in one simple step. Go to Properties > Booking extras.

2. Click on your booking extra name.

3. If no properties display, select “All properties”.

4. Under the heading “Owner rate/ Commission %” enter your amount.

Important: If you take a percentage as your commission, enter your commission percentage in the box provided and select “%” from the drop down.

If the owner should receive a fixed GBP amount, enter the fixed amount the owner will receive and select GBP from the drop down.

The pop-up has an auto-save feature so your settings will save automatically as you enter them.

Tip: To update all properties to the same settings, enter the correct settings for the first property, then click the heading “Owner rate/ Commission %” and all properties will be updated.


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