Help CentreUsing SuperControl Channel ManagerHow do I set up the ASSC (Embrace Scotland) integration with SuperControl?

How do I set up the ASSC (Embrace Scotland) integration with SuperControl?

First you need to sign up with ASSC and list your property with them. Contact who will provide you with all of the information you require.

1. Once you have been given your member account from ASSC you can log the relevant information in SuperControl, go to Integrations > Channel manager > Regional > ASSC (Scotland).

2. Next to each property that you have listed on ASSC, enter your ASSC listing ID and your region. To find your listing ID you can do this by navigating to your listing on Embrace Scotland and looking for the number displayed in your URL:

3. Click Save.

4. You will now be shown a list of features for each property. Ensure you tick as many features that relate to your property as possible in order to display in searches on Embrace Scotland.

5. Click Save.

NB. Only your rates and availability will populate from SuperControl. All descriptions and photos can only be edited within your ASSC member account.


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